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Summertime Fun with Water Conservation

  Cooling off and having fun in the summer don’t have to go hand in hand with wasting water. When the temperatures skyrocket and the kids start to go crazy indoors, it’s time to send everyone outside with some fun summer water activities that will also align with your current water conservation practices. Here are […]

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Back-to-School Home Maintenance Needs

 The end of the summer is approaching faster than most people would like to admit. That means a few different things. That means that kids everywhere are going back to school. It means that the temperatures are going to drop. It also means that a new season is about to begin. If you want to […]

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3 Inside Plumbing Tips

 Plumbing is one of those things most homeowners dread. It can be costly when something breaks or isn’t working properly, not just with the cost or repairing the problem, but also due to the damage of water leaks or gas leaks. Fortunately, most of these are available, if you know what to look for and […]

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5 Summer Energy Saver Tips

Summer is hot, and there’s no getting around it. Temperatures in many parts of the country hover somewhere around unbearable and pure torture, and it leaves everyone sweating outside and seeking relief in your air-conditioned homes. It also means homeowners see a significant spike in the cost of your utility bills, and that leaves homeowners […]

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How To Make Sure Your A/C Doesn’t Go Out This Summer

Everybody loves summer but not the heat that threatens to bake everything inside our homes. During such times, the AC is usually our most reliable source of help. However, it is not uncommon for air conditioners to breakdown when needed most. The following are tips to make sure your AC serves you effectively this summer. […]

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