Everyone probably has their unique reason why they would like a built-in shower seat or stool. A seat in the shower not only gives you with comfort and the ability to relax in the shower, but also provides safety for those having problems with mobility. Regardless of the reason, a built-in shower seat can transform your shower experience into a more enjoyable one in which you can kick back and relax.

If you are planning on adding an addition like this to your bathroom, it helps to know the options so you can make the choice that makes sense to your needs.


Corner or Wall-mounted Seat

If you have limited space in your existing shower, a corner seat may be a good route to go. These wall-mounted seats can vary in materials. Whether you want a wall-mounted or corner seat is a personal preference. You may find that one suits the design of the shower better than the other.


Bench or Seat

Space is always one of the largest factors when it comes to this addition to your shower. That being said, the amount of space you have available may dictate whether a seat or a bench is right for you. Other considerations may be whether or not the shower will accommodate multiple people at a given time.


Folding Shower Seat

The benefit of having a folding shower seat is the fact that it will save you some space. As its name suggests, you would have the ability to utilize the seat as needed. The only drawback to folding seats compared to other choices is that it may not be as sturdy as the other options.

Installing a shower seat can be a simple task, but the task has the potential to affect existing plumbing in the shower. For example, when drilling in a new bench, there is the potential to puncture a pipe. With that said, it is always best to consult a professional plumber when undertaking this project.

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