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Why Does Your HVAC System Smell Like That?

If your HVAC system is giving off a strange smell, it’s usually because there is something wrong. Depending on what you’re smelling, the problem could be severe and a threat to your health, or it can be an easily fixed. The experts at Tom Drexler Plumbing, Air, and Electric know all about HVAC system smells. […]

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Untold Truths Behind Central & Window AC Units

If you live in a city that is hot year-round, an AC system is a necessity. You will definitely need air conditioning if you live in Florida, but not so much in Montana. AC systems not only provide comfort for you and your loved ones, but they can also prevent illnesses that come along with […]

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Where Is That Rotten Smell Coming from? It Could Be Your Plumbing

Have you noticed at any point that your plumbing smells rotten? Sometimes the stench is so strong that it can make you queasy while you perform simple tasks such as cooking and cleaning. What you’re probably smelling is hydrogen sulfide gas, which is produced by bacteria from contaminated water and even sewage. Despite how much […]

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Going Green With…Plumbing?

There are lots of things we can do in our every day loved to reduce our negative impact on the environment! Some people “go green” by not using plastic products. Others choose to grow their own gardens in or around their homes. Another way you can positively affect change in the condition of the environment […]

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Simple Sink Installation Tips for Granite Countertops

When you are picking home renovation projects, do you think about return on investment or how you will enjoy the space? How about both? When it comes to increasing the asset value of your Louisville, KY home, improving your kitchen is rating as one of the top jobs. That said, you need to approach your […]

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