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Run Away From Allergies!

Every year, spring comes and there is nothing we can do to stop it. For plenty of reasons, most of us are very excited by this inevitability. But with the promise of warmer weather and summer vacations, we often don’t notice the darker side of the incoming season. Dryer air and pollen will mean it’s […]

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Make Indoor Air Part of Your Spring Cleaning Routine!

Spring cleaning has long been a tradition in all parts of the world. From ancient empires and religions to contemporary culture, we have always chosen spring as the time to clean out our homes. Today, your spring cleaning may consist of dusting your furniture, emptying out that junk drawer, washing your car, cleaning out your […]

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Don’t Let Valentine’s Get TOO Hot!

There are only two kinds of people on Valentine’s day. There are the people going on hot dates that they’ve been looking forward to for weeks, and there are people who sit on their couch in their pajamas, drinking an entire bottle of wine and watching RomComs by themselves all night. Whether you are feeling […]

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What Causes Toilet Leaks?

What’s worse than a clogged toilet? A leaking toilet! Not only will a leaking toilet prevent you from using it, but also it can lead to water damage in your home if not addressed properly. So what causes leaking toilets? While it can sometimes be as simple as a stuck flapper, other instances the problem […]

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Top 5 Toilet Habits You Would do Well to Avoid

In every area of life, there are rumors and misconceptions that we have come to accept as truth, even without any factual proof. Think back to when you were in high school and heard rumors about other students or teachers. Think about the stories we’ve all heard about Hollywood legends. The plumbing industry also has […]

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