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Don’t Let Small Leaks Turn into Burst Pipes

It’s just a little water leak, right? It’s nothing to worry about. Plus, it can’t be wasting that much water or causing any damage. It’s just a nuisance and we’ll fix it when we have some free time. Many of us have been there before – ignoring water leaks and putting off their repair indefinitely. […]

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Studying Water Heaters 101 For Back To School Season

It’s now August, which means the back to school time is here. It’s time to put away the bathing suits and rollerblades and trade them in for backpacks and pencils. As parents send their kids to start a new year of school, some parents feel the absence of the learning environment. Even if you never […]

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Can’t Figure out Why the AC Isn’t Keeping the House Cool?

Windows are closed. Doors are closed. Air conditioning is on. The thermostat is set at a nice, cool setting. All utility bills are paid. So why isn’t the air conditioning cooling? At one time or another, most of us have come home to a hot house and a running air conditioner and have gone through […]

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Some Bedroom Installations that Make for Easy Upgrades

It’s not uncommon for families to look for ways to ensure that their home’s bedrooms stay a little cooler than the rest of the house. This enables you to sleep in a nice, cool environment without having to overwork your HVAC unit during summer nights. This can be well worth it to ensure that you […]

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Take Care of Your Outdoor Light and Water Fixtures – You’re All They’ve Got!

Proud homeowners spend a lot of time taking care of their yards. Your weekends are full of mowing your lawn, weed-eating, repainting your shed, and tending your garden. On top of your regularly-scheduled summer projects, you have to contend with extreme heat, intense thunderstorms, and keeping insects out of your lawn, flowers, and vegetables. While […]

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