Making improvements may be one of the last things you think about during the holiday season. After all, you may be focused on holiday shopping, baking, attending parties and more. However, there are key benefits that you can enjoy by improving your home’s lighting now before the holiday season is in full swing. With a closer look at the lighting improvement options and benefits, you may decide that now is the right time to make an improvement to your home after all.


Save Money With LED Lighting

Both the interior and exterior of your home may appear to be dark, drab and uninviting during the dreary winter months, but our team at Tom Drexler Plumbing can help you to improve the ambiance in your space through the addition of new LED lights. LED lights are increasingly popular because they are far more energy efficient than other options, and they have a very long life span. This means that you can save money on energy costs with LED lighting installed, and you also can decrease your home maintenance chores because the bulbs will not need to be replaced so frequently.


Add Lighting to Secure Your Home

While LED lighting on the interior and exterior of your home is one option to consider, another idea is to add lighting in key locations to better secure the home. For example, exterior spotlights may be shined on the shadowy flower beds near your home’s front windows. This will make the house shine brilliantly at night, and it also will eliminate hiding places for predators to use when they are attempting to break into your home. Lighting can also be used around the perimeter of walkways, with a motion sensor on the driveway or porch and more. Darkness invites predators to lurk on your property, and you can easily keep them away by calling the team at Tom Drexler Plumbing for new light installation services.


Think About Solar Lighting Features

Many homeowners are increasingly concerned about the state of the environment, and others are concerned about the rising cost of energy. Solar lighting fixtures are a popular option for landscaping features, and we can help you with this. Another idea is to install solar panels on the top of your roof and to use the energy generated to light up your home this winter. These can make your home more green and reduce your home’s electricity bill throughout the year.

When you think about lights during the holiday season, you may think about brilliantly colored holiday lights displays. However, your home’s everyday interior and exterior lights also deserve some attention during the holiday season. You can easily make an upgrade with the help of our team. Through an upgrade, you can improve the security of your home, lower your home’s energy bills and even enhance the ambiance of your space. Take a closer look at your home’s lights this evening after the sun goes down to determine areas of your home that could benefit from lighting upgrades. There is still plenty of time to schedule lighting installation service before the holidays arrive.


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