Everybody wants to find the best, most affordable options for keeping their homes a healthy, safe environment. During the summer, this can be particularly difficult as the unrelenting Kentucky heat takes hold, forcing homeowners to crank up the air conditioning and their utility bills along with it. To help reduce the expensive costs of staying cool in the summer, and prevent future health problems, the team at Tom Drexler Plumbing recommends that residents have an air humidifier installed into their homes.


Air humidifiers are able to help maintain an appropriate level of humidity, or moisture, in the air. The health website Live Strong states that the amount of moisture in the air of any room should be between 30 and 50 percent, and more than likely most people don’t even understand how necessary it is to their health to keep moisture in the air. The power of a humidifier is to introduce water into the air has more benefits than one would think.


Having a proper humidity level in a home can reduce the possibility of health hazards like mold, mildew, and dust mites. These pests are able to run rampant depending on the amount of humidity in a room. Mold spores can cause any number of health problems, ranging from a stuffy nose to more severe mold infections in the lungs. Reducing the moisture in the air by using air humidifier makes it harder for mold to live and grow, since the fungus thrives in damp, warm environments. Dust mites, like mold, can be controlled with a slight adjustment in the humidity.

A humidifier can help those suffering from asthma or other breathing problems. Asthma is a kind of lung disease that hinders a person’s ability to breathe. The disease affects a large portion of the population, but what many may not know is that using a humidifier to alter the moisture levels in the air can help ease the symptoms of the disease.

Humidifiers help with cold and flu symptoms, too. The extra humidity in the air brought on by the air humidifier helps ease sore throats and stuffy noses by moisturizing the passageways between the lungs, nose, and throat. This allows the sinuses to open up and allow access to more air, meaning that those sick with the flu can battle their symptoms a little bit easier.

Implementing a humidifier in a home can help reduce the financial blow from unforeseen issues like air leaks. By using a humidifier to control the level of humidity in a room, the more heavily relied on air conditioning can be turned down. This, in turn, lessens the amount of energy being used in the home, and the energy being lost from cracks under the doors and windows. With the work of Tom Drexler Plumbing, Air, and Electric, plus a new humidifier, utility bills can be reduced by as much as 30 percent.

A humidifier can also help save wood furniture from shrinking or swelling due to the hot, humid weather. In the warm summer rain, doorframes and wooden chairs have been known to swell due to the influx of moisture in the air. The use of a humidifier can help lower the level of humidity in a home, preventing furniture from absorbing the dampness in the air and eventually becoming warped and ruined. This saves both the furniture and the homeowner from one day needing to replace it.


Installing a humidifier alongside a typical HVAC system can be very cost efficient and beneficial to one’s health. The air humidifiers offered by Tom Drexler Plumbing work effortlessly to make homes a cooler, safer place to live year round.



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