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Water Treatment/Filtration in the Louisville Metro, Cincinnati Metro, and Southern Indiana Areas

Are you struggling with excessive lime buildup or bad-tasting tap water? With a water filtration system, you can improve the taste of your water while reducing mineral buildup. At Tom Drexler Plumbing, Air & Electric, we offer water treatment system installation for your Kentucky home.

Understand the Different Types of Water Filtration

There are a few methods our experts can use to treat your water. Whether your water has an unpleasant smell or an unusual taste, these techniques help correct the issue by filtering impurities. The three types are:

  • Carbon filter: In this method, activated carbon acts as the filter by absorbing contaminants in your water. It can help eliminate the taste of chlorine, a chemical used in water treatment plants before reaching your home's plumbing.
  • Reverse osmosis: This popular filtration type runs water through a permeable film at a molecular level. It's one of the most efficient water filtration forms, and it only leaves behind oxygen and valuable minerals.
  • UV filter: As the name suggests, this treatment uses UV light to kill bacteria in your water supply. It's environmentally friendly because it doesn't require additional heat or chemicals.

If you're unsure which method you'd like to use, our plumbers will help you identify the best filtration system for your Louisville home.

Get an Estimate for Your Water Treatment Service Costs

Investing in a whole home water treatment system is an excellent choice, but you probably want to understand the cost before you commit. When you work with Tom Drexler Plumbing, we'll create a treatment proposal for free. Our experts will help you decide which filtration method is best for your home, and they'll provide a cost estimate for the installation and continued service.

Our upfront pricing will give you a clear idea of cost expectations. You'll never pay more than the evaluation we give you, and we don't believe in hidden fees.

Water filtration system costs vary with the type you use, but our financing services make payment easy. We provide our water treatment systems with a $0 down payment, and you could pay as little as $22 a month.

Enjoy Our Excellent Customer Service Like Your Kentucky Neighbors

With almost 6,000 positive reviews on Google, it's clear that your Kentucky neighbors enjoy our service. Our friendly, professional technicians will ensure you understand every step of your water treatment plan, and they'll install your system efficiently while treating your home with care.

Our fantastic customer service has earned us excellent reviews and the Nexstar® service award. We stand by the needs of our customers with our respect and cost transparency. You'll love the ease of our service experience, and you'll have a water treatment system designed to last.

Schedule Water Treatment Service in Louisville, Kentucky, With Tom Drexler Plumbing

Choose Tom Drexler Plumbing, Air & Electric for your water filtration needs. With our expert technicians and cost evaluations, we make sure you enjoy your service experience from start to finish. Schedule your service today, or contact us with any questions you have about our offerings.

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