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Water Softener Installation in the Louisville Metro, Cincinnati Metro, and Southern Indiana Areas

If you don't have a functioning water softener, you probably have to deal with the unpleasant effects of hard water, including mineral buildup, water stains and dry skin. While hard water is safe for consumption, the mineral accumulation can hurt your plumbing in the long run. At Tom Drexler Plumbing, Air & Electric, we offer water softener replacement to Louisville, Kentucky, and surrounding areas.

What Are the Advantages of Installing a Water Softener?

Whether you want to install a water softener for the first time or are due to replace an old one, you'll love the benefits of soft water. Advantages include:

  • Easy cleaning: Hard water often leaves water stains that are tough to scrub away. A water softener will eliminate this problem.
  • Softer hair and skin: Mineral buildup is a typical result of hard water, and it may cause itchy skin or dry hair. Soft water will help you feel clean after your shower and make your hair softer.
  • Less soap use: Soap only properly lathers when it reacts with soft water, which helps it stretch further when you use it. Cut down on soap usage when you install a water softener.
  • Longevity of plumbing appliances: The minerals in hard water can cause crusty buildup in your pipes, leading to damage later on. Keep your plumbing appliances in good shape with a water softener.

Our expert plumbers will help you identify the best type of water softener — ion-exchange, salt-free, dual-tank or magnetic — and they'll find the right size for your home and water use.

How Much Does Water Softener Installation Cost?

At Tom Drexler Plumbing, we use upfront pricing to help our customers understand the cost of their investment. We start with a free technician visit, where they'll propose a plan of action for installation. Our transparent pricing will identify how much the service should cost, and you won't have to pay more than that amount.

While the exact price of your installation will change depending on the size and location of your water softener, we have financing options available to keep it simple. With a $0 down payment, you can pay as little as $22 a month.

Expect Excellent Customer Service From Scheduling to Installation

At Tom Drexler Plumbing, we care about your service experience. Our upfront pricing and financing options are just the beginning of how we make your experience pleasant. Our licensed technicians will answer any questions you might have about your installation, and they'll provide expert service made to last.

We have almost 6,000 reviews on Google and over 20,000 on our site, which means many Kentucky residents love our service — and they're not afraid to show it. You can be one of them when you trust us to handle your water softener installation.

Contact Us for Water Softener Replacement in Louisville, Kentucky

Trust the Tom Drexler Plumbing, Air & Electric team to handle your water softener installation. With our expert technicians and dedication to customer service, we'll provide a water softener that will last. To get started, schedule a service appointment online or contact us with any questions.

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