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Water Lines in the Louisville Metro, Cincinnati Metro, and Southern Indiana Areas

Your water lines are arguably the most essential plumbing elements in your home. Functioning water lines help supply your shower, sinks, washing machines and other vital appliances with the water they need to operate. With a role that important, your water lines need quick, professional repair or replacement if they fail or suffer damage.

The skilled technicians at Tom Drexler Plumbing, Air & Electric have the knowledge and resources to perform high-quality water line installation and repairs in the Louisville, Kentucky, area.

Signs That You Need to Repair Your Water Line

The first step in repairing a faulty water line is knowing the signs of damage. Luckily, there are many straightforward indications that your water lines may require some professional assistance. If you notice any of these warning signs in your home, it's probably time to call a licensed plumber for installations or repairs:

  • Discolored water: If you see water leaving your faucet with a brownish or yellow hue, you likely have a rusty or corroded water line. Discolored water can also be caused by dirt infiltrating the system.
  • Low water pressure: Leaky water lines often cause appliances to function at low performance with weak water pressure. If you take a shower or wash your hands and notice that your water isn't flowing as strongly as usual, you may have leaks or mineral deposits in your water lines.
  • Soggy ground: If you see random puddles of standing water in your yard, this may be an indication of a water line leaking.
  • High water bills: If your water bills are rising with no explanation, a leaking water line could be responsible for the spike.
  • Gurgling sounds: You should never hear strange sounds coming from your plumbing systems. If you notice banging in your pipes or gurgling in your toilets or sinks, you may have a problem with your water line.

Get an Accurate Cost Estimation With Upfront Pricing

When you choose Tom Drexler Plumbing for water line repairs in Louisville, Kentucky, we'll give you an honest cost estimate at the very beginning. Our technicians will come to your house to size up the damage, then supply you with an estimate through our upfront pricing. We'll never charge you more than your quote or surprise you with additional expenses or hidden fees, so you can feel informed and budget properly.

Why Choose Tom Drexler Plumbing to Install Water Lines?

Our skilled technicians are both knowledgeable and friendly, offering exceptional repair work and customer service. We're selective about who wears the Tom Drexler Plumbing uniform, and we maintain a strict code of ethics to ensure our team members deliver exemplary service and treat your property with respect. Our testimonials speak for themselves, with over 5,000 favorable customer reviews on Google.

If you want services from the most reliable and well-known plumbing company in Louisville, Kentucky, Tom Drexler Plumbing is your go-to provider.

Schedule a Water Line Installation in Louisville, Kentucky, Today

If you need water line repairs or installations, Tom Drexler Plumbing, Air & Electric has your back. We've been in business in this area for over 35 years, so you can trust us to provide professional repair work and installations that last.

Contact us for more information on our service offerings or schedule water line services with us today. We also provide emergency service to address urgent needs.


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“Darren inspected the copper supply pipe and corrosion that I pointed out. We discussed copper corrosion a bit. He then gave me two estimates, for the specific repair and for replacing all the copper supply pipes in the basement. He then carried out the simple repair quickly. Afterwards he showed me the copper pipe he cut out, with the corrosion nodules on the interior of the pipe. Efficient, information and timely. All good.”


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