UV Oxidizer Installation in Louisville Metro, Cincinnati Metro & Southern Indiana

Many types of air filtration systems remove particles like dust, pollen, and pet dander, but they are not as effective at neutralizing bacteria and viruses or eliminating odors, fumes, and chemical vapors. A UV oxidizer helps address these issues and can be a great addition to any HVAC system.

At Tom Drexler Plumbing, Air & Electric, we're proud to offer our customers cleaner, healthier air with the help of our UV oxidizers and other air purification solutions. We install indoor air quality systems throughout Louisville metro, Cincinnati metro, and Southern Indiana.

Our company has over 40 years of HVAC experience, and we provide upfront pricing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our services.

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What Are UV Oxidizers?

UV oxidizers use ultraviolet light to break down existing oxygen molecules in the air, creating some ozone molecules. These ozone molecules, made from three oxygen atoms, can oxidize viruses and bacteria, rendering them harmless, and they can break down volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chemical fumes, and odors.

Some UV oxidizers add a catalyst, allowing them to generate hydrogen peroxide in addition to ozone. This improves their ability to eliminate viruses and bacteria, decontaminating the air supply.

Benefits of UV Oxidizers

UV oxidizers can provide several benefits for your family, including:

  • Cleaner, healthier air
  • Elimination of unpleasant odors
  • Removal of harmful VOCs and chemical fumes
  • Reduced allergy and asthma symptoms
  • Fewer illnesses
  • Better overall comfort and health

Schedule UV oxidizer installation for your Louisville, Cincinnati, or Southern Indiana home by calling (502) 456-5982 today.

UV Oxidizer Installation

When you need an expert to install a UV oxidizer in your home, turn to our team at Tom Drexler. We've been installing heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality equipment for over four decades, so we have the skill and experience to ensure efficient, high-quality results. Our team will:

  • Evaluate your HVAC system
  • Select an appropriate installation site for the highest effectiveness
  • Recommend the best UV oxidizer model for your needs
  • Install the UV oxidizer in your ductwork

Choose Tom Drexler for UV Oxidizers in Louisville, Cincinnati & Southern Indiana

Since 1982, Tom Drexler Plumbing, Air & Electric has been a leading HVAC provider in Louisville, Cincinnati, and Southern Indiana. We're happy to help with all your indoor air quality needs, and we can provide complete UV oxidizer installations, along with repair and maintenance for your indoor air quality systems.

Our company offers reliable, trustworthy service from highly trained technicians. Our commitment to quality has earned us excellent reviews from our customers, along with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a BBB Torch Award for business ethics.

Schedule UV oxidizer installation in Louisville, Cincinnati, or Southern Indiana by calling (502) 456-5982 today.

Frequently Asked Questions

UV oxidization systems generate ozone that targets pollutants like bacteria, viruses, and VOCs, attaching an oxygen atom that breaks down their structure. It is an indirect approach to eliminating these pollutants that does not rely on exposure time.

UV air purification systems require bacteria, viruses, and mold spores to stay exposed to UV light for a set period, allowing the UV-C radiation to directly break down the DNA of the microorganisms, rendering them harmless.

There are three types of UV light: UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. UV-A light has a wavelength of 400 to 320 nanometers, and it has less energy than UV-B or UV-C light. UV-B light ranges from 320 to 290 nanometers, and UV-C light ranges from 290 to 200 nanometers.

UV light can cause changes in human skin that lead to cancer, and exposure to high-energy UV-B and UV-C light are the most likely to cause illness, but these properties help safely decontaminate your air.

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