Why Summer Is the Best Time for Home Repair

Have you considered doing home repairs or renovations and do not know the best time of year to get started? If you live in the Louisville, Kentucky area, we have found that extensive home repairs are best done in the summertime for several reasons. This is especially true if you are considering serious plumbing modifications to your home in order to comply with installing Energy Star appliances that are eligible for federal tax rebates.


Plumbing and home repair projects have more plumbers available in summertime

Obviously, when it is cold outside, plumbing repairs are tougher because water can freeze overnight during Louisville’s winter season, and sometimes winter is longer than expected. There are also more issues with the ground being frozen or difficult to dig in the colder parts of the year. On the other hand, doing plumbing repairs in the summertime also means plumbers have a free schedule since emergency repairs are more common in the winter and spring. For example, winter brings plumbers many burst pipes and the drains can get clogged in spring due to flash floods. However, when the weather is warm, plumbers have more time to dedicate to projects that take several hours.


Maximize on your summer vacation for home repairs

When the temperatures outside are warm, there is no ice to slip on and the storm clouds are generally not around to add more complexity to a home improvement project. For this reason, when you know that there will be a need for a home repair this year, try scheduling it in the summertime because the labor costs tend to be lower due to the good weather. On top of this, if you schedule the repairs or installation of new appliances while you are on vacation, there is no need to worry about children or pets being underfoot while a contractor is working.


Federal and Kentucky state energy rebate programs for plumbing

Did you know that 30-percent of the first chunk of your installation costs are covered in Kentucky for installing passive solar-powered water heaters? As plumbers, we know LG&E makes things relatively simple when we help install new water-related appliances by offering you money for installing Energy Star clothes washers, freezers, dishwashers and refrigerators. They also offer money for replacing plumbing-related items like AC/heat pumps for the HVAC and a separate credit for the heat pump water heater.


Get your plumbing repairs or new installs with us!

When you need a credentialed and experienced plumber that is familiar with old-fashioned systems to high-tech models of plumbing that save the planet, Tom Drexler Plumbing, Air & Electric in Louisville, KY is here for you. In addition to helping you in an emergency, we are available to assist you in any way concerning selecting products and filing paperwork for a number of water or plumbing-related Energy Star projects. We also have a maintenance and inspection service that can help you stay environmentally conscious while keeping your water and sewage bills at their lowest point possible. To get started, give us a call today. We welcome your questions and thank you in advance for choosing us to serve you.


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