What Causes Toilet Leaks?


What’s worse than a clogged toilet? A leaking toilet! Not only will a leaking toilet prevent you from using it, but also it can lead to water damage in your home if not addressed properly. So what causes leaking toilets?

While it can sometimes be as simple as a stuck flapper, other instances the problem is much more severe and will require a toilet replacement. So how do you know what kind of issue you’re dealing with?

As a homeowner, it’s key to know how your plumbing works and how to diagnose common issues like running toilets. If this is your first time dealing with the issue, be sure to read on and learn some helpful tips to protect your home and your family.

What Type of Toilet Flapper do You Have?

A toilet flapper is essential for the entire flushing process. When you flush your toilet, the flapper opens, allowing water to flow into your bowl. When it’s done, the flapper will seal again, and give your tank the opportunity to refill.

Toilet flappers come in various shapes and sizes – some as small as a plug that sits over your inlet pipe, and others complete assemblies that include the float and refill valve. As a general rule of thumb, you should always have a general idea of what system you have.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to open your tank and familiarize yourself with the setup in your bathroom. Generally, your toilet will consist of a float, which measures the water level, a refill valve, and the flapper. In some instances, a damaged flapper will be easy enough to recognize visually. If nothing seems out of the ordinary, it’s a good idea to consult a plumbing company to figure out the issue.

Common Causes For a Running Toilet


While damaged or warped flappers are the more common causes of a running toilet, there are other issues that could lead to the problem as well. Some of the more common ones include:

  • Leaking base seal.
  • Corroded water valve.
  • Cracked porcelain.
  • Faulty toilet float.
  • Damaged inlet pipe.

A toilet leak will either be inside or outside of your toilet. Internal leaks are simpler because they’re not causing any water damage to your home. If your toilet is visibly leaking water outside your toilet, you should call for immediate repairs.

What starts as a small water leak can quickly lead to mold growth and property damage. If the repairs are beyond your expertise, it’s always good to have a trustworthy plumbing company to call.

Why Opt For Regular Toilet Maintenance

The easiest way to keep your toilet flushing properly is with regular maintenance. Be sure to visually inspect your toilet system once a quarter, and pay attention to your water bill.

In many cases, if the flapper is leaking and your toilet is constantly running, you’ll notice an uptick in costs. If you want more of a professional look, be sure to give Tom Drexler Plumbing, Air, and Electric a call.

Not only do we offer expert toilet repairs, but also we can replace your toilet with a more modern model, and offer regular upkeep and care to ensure your system is in the best shape possible.


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