Nobody enjoys the hassle of plumbing leaks and water leak repair, but did you realize that most water leaks are caused by a handful of factors? What’s more is that if you are mindful of these factors, you can often prevent water leaks from happening at all.

In the meantime, if you suspect you have a water leak, best to call your Louisville, KY plumber for full water leak detection. There are other signs that you’ve got a leak, like pooling water, rust, mold growth, peeling paint or wallpaper or rising water bills that you can’t explain.

Here are the most common reasons for water leaks in the home.


Older Pipes

How old is your home? Like many of your home’s other components (your comfort systems, your roof, etc.) your plumbing doesn’t last forever.

As it ages, it will wear down and eventually break. The end result is plumbing leaks.

If you’ve got an older home, having a plumbing inspection is a good investment. Replacing some or all your older pipes may prevent future water leaks.

High Water Pressure

Sure, having a strong, hot shower is awesome at the end of a long day. And no question, it is convenient to have strong flow from your tap when filling your pots for cooking.

However, stop to think what the force of the water is doing to your pipes. It is hammering away at your plumbing and could cause it to break and leak.

To avoid this, check your water pressure regularly and make sure that it is in 45-60 psi range, for safety’s sake.



If you’ve got copper pipes and a high concentration of minerals in your water, then take note. You are at high risk for water damage due to corrosion. When the water reacts with the copper, the pipes rust and break, springing water leaks.

You can keep this from happening by replacing your copper pipes with PVC, which is more resistant to rust. Also, run the water frequently. When it sits for a long time, the chance of rust happening increases.


Low Water Quality

You know that water full of impurities is bad for your health. Did you know that low-quality water is also bad for the health of your plumbing?

The residue from impure water collects and sticks to the sides of your plumbing, causing damage, decay and eventually water leaks.

Avoid this by installing a water softener and/or a water filtrations system to improve your water quality. This is a good move for both your family and your plumbing. Being watchful of the presence of these factors can help reduce the likelihood of plumbing leaks in your home.


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