Bathrooms can take the longest, seemingly, so starting them right away is the best bet. Here are a few renovation transformations of bathrooms to inspire you to start the process right away.

Sticking with a Color Scheme

Sometimes, going with one color palate is the best idea to get the most out of a bathroom renovation. The colors can be bright, which will reflect light for the sake of making a room have more light and, therefore, look larger. One essential factor to planning this color scheme is to keep in mind the fact that there are going to be things with more colors in them in the bathroom than just the paint that will go on the walls. In many cases, colors should be chosen for accessories, cabinets, sinks, and so on before any paint is purchased.

These colors could end up not working with a bathroom of a certain color, so picking them first will make it easier to find paint colors for the bathroom that will complement the rest of the room. Some people try to do this task the other way around, and they often find that their color scheme is off. This problem also causes a room to be darker in some cases, which means it will feel more confining.


Magic Mirror

As stated previously, one of the best ways to make a bathroom look larger is to make it seem as if there is more light available. One, easy way to amplify the amount of light in a room is to add a mirror. Make sure the mirror is the proper size for the room, so it does not make the space look out of proportion. Instead of one, large mirror, several smaller ones can be used in different locations throughout the bathroom with ease. For the same reason, chrome and silver fixtures that have mirror-like finishes are also great contenders for being placed in a room.

It is also worth mentioning that mirrors and these metal finishes do not have to be limited to the cabinet space in the bathroom. They can be placed strategically throughout the bathroom, as mentioned before. The more mirrors or mirror-like finishing that can make their way into the bathroom, the better. This situation will provide maximum light amplification. For a mosaic look, smaller mirrors can be turned into a pattern on a wall for decoration. They can also be functional in this way, which makes them a more integrated facet of the design.


Keep the Project Small

Sometimes, doing too much in one room will work against the design in a long run. Instead of bulking up the room with large appliances or accessories that take up a great deal of room, try to streamline the elements of the design as much as possible. Focus on a few, key parts that will play large roles in the grander scheme of the room’s design. Instead of going with a fancy, expensive shower curtain, sometimes it is better to go with something that is a bit understated. More often than not, going for items that are already assembled and are ready to use outside of a box are a better deal with it comes to accenting a design.

At the same time, this situation also means the plumbing and electrical work being done needs to be kept to a minimum. It might not be worth it for the design to include large rearrangements of toilets and electric outlets. Instead, try to find what works for the space first.



Deciding to remodel the bathroom can be quite the challenge. However, it does not have to be. Following these three ideas will keep your room bright and spacious for years to come.

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