5 Things to Look for When You’re Buying a Furnace


Having a home is a wonderful experience full of freedom, personal invigoration, and opportunities. However, this same experience comes with an abundance of responsibilities that are often anything but enjoyable. From roof repairs to replacing a furnace, there are so many factors to consider when ensuring the quality and safety of your home. Thankfully, there are guides and sufficient information that make the process of searching for some of these items far easier. Though it may not be an enjoyable situation, there are simple things to look for when buying a furnace and each of them is fundamental in their own way.


Consider the Type

Fear not–this is not going to be a technical guide to the ins and outs of furnaces, but it is simply a description of the two types. Like anything, there is more than one type of furnace but, contrary to popular belief, it is not difficult to understand the differences with these particular items.


  • Split: This is the traditional furnace pictured when one thinks of the necessary household item. The unit is a condensed system of heating and cooling units and coils, but what makes this different in spite of its traditionalism is that it takes up plenty of space in the home. What people often forget is that your furnace does not need to reside inside, especially if you are with limited space.
  • Packaged: Though this system contains the necessary elements, it is designed to withstand the outdoor elements and works from the outside to heat or cool the inside.


The Fuel Factor

This is an era of options. Furnaces have a plethora of fuel options and each one of them should have paid consideration to their environmental impact, cost, and general capabilities.

  • Gas: Natural gas fuel is the most common type. Though this fuel is efficient, it is often costly, potentially harmful, and not necessarily the best choice for the environment. Alas, this is always a solid, common bet.
  • Propane: The storage for this requires more space than gas and it can often be more costly. This option usually results when a home does not have gas lines nor any access to them.
  • Heat Pumps: These pumps are powered by electricity and are environmentally-friendly. However, if you reside in an area with harsh weather conditions that result in lost electricity, heavy consideration must be paid to this option.
  • Electric: If you do not feel comfortable using gas, propane, or oil, this is your option. The only downside is that your electric bill will be fairly high.

Installation Ability

Some systems are more intricate than others, which forces people to hire professionals. However and just because a system might be simple to install by reading a manual, it is salient to opt for professional services. An improperly installed furnace can result in fire danger, poor air quality, and can drain energy rather than save it.


The Price

Sure, you were going to consider the price anyways, but note these factors as well:


  • Sizing: The bigger the furnace, the bigger the costs, specifically in the long term due to the fuel needed to power the unit.
  • Fixes: From a leak to the need to replace the air filters, there are additional costs associated with these systems. Research the brand to draw conclusions to what your experience with the furnace will be.
  • Features: Some systems hold the ability to have further features installed. Research them, determine your need for them, and factor them into the overall price.


Look for Size

People often attempt to buy a smaller furnace thinking that this will save them money, but there is rarely a choice in the matter. Hire a professional to evaluate your situation. They will determine the correct size by paying consideration to the space in the home, to the amount of windows, and the weather of the area. An improperly sized system will not properly heat or cool the home and can be dangerous.


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