Cooling off and having fun in the summer don’t have to go hand in hand with wasting water.

When the temperatures skyrocket and the kids start to go crazy indoors, it’s time to send everyone outside with some fun summer water activities that will also align with your current water conservation practices.

Here are some of our favorite summertime fun activities that also promote water conservation:


Keep the Fun Going with Sponge Balls

Water balloons are fantastic for summer fun, but the one-time use aspect can seem wasteful. A good alternative to this is a sponge ball! Get some colored sponges and place buckets of water around your yard. The sponges can be thrown and “reloaded” multiple times for hours of excitement.

Sponges and buckets can also be used in a “fill the bucket” game. Take one full bucket and one empty bucket and place them apart, have participants move all the water from the full bucket to the empty one by using only a sponge.

The key is to absorb water from the full bucket and waste as little as possible as you run to the empty bucket where you squeeze the water out.


Use Your Hose

It may sound like a simple idea, but even taking the hose out for a quick spray is a great way to cool off. Place a thumb over the lip of the hose and see how the water spurts out in unexpected directions.

Your kids will laugh themselves silly while you conserve water with some quick sprays. You can also easily make a fun game out of it by getting the kids to limbo under the water stream.

If you are feeling crafty, try connecting some PVC piping with small holes drilled in it to the hose, the options are endless and you can easily create your own splash-pad style course in your own back yard.


Make a DIY Slip and Slide

Everyone knows that a slip and slide is a fun summer activity but did you know you can make one yourself without spending the extra money?

Take a painter’s drop cloth or tape together some heavy-duty garbage bags and lay them on the ground, squirt a little dish soap on the surface and add a couple buckets of water for instant slip and slide fun!


Run the Sprinkler at Key Times

Keeping the sprinkler running all the time is not a good practice for conserving water and, in most cases, your lawns will still remain lush and green even without the constant irrigation.

Instead, choose specific times to run the sprinkler or set it on a timer. Additionally, while the sprinkler is running, have the family throw on their swimsuits and head outside to run through the water!

This type of activity is fun, dynamic, and creates lasting memories with the kids.



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