5 Small Issues That Could Turn Into Major Fixes


Running a household is a full-time job, especially when you’re a homeowner. You’re in charge of dusting and cleaning every surface in the home along with maintaining all of the included systems. A property’s systems usually include the electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling units. These components might run reliably for years at a time, but regular servicing must be a priority. Take a close look at these small issues that can plague your household systems. If they’re neglected, minor problems can turn into major fixes.


Clogged Drains

Your shower and kitchen sink may have slow-running drains. In many cases, the slow water movement turns into an outright clog. It’s critical to fix any slow or clogged drains as soon as possible. A clog might break up near the home and travel to your plumbing that’s underground. If a clog persists underground, a major rupture could occur. Plumbers would need to dig out part of your yard to repair or replace that ruptured line. Clearing out minor clogs near the household drains is a simple fix that pays off in time.


Dirty HVAC Filters

Your central-air system has two main sections, including:

  • Interior portion
  • Exterior system

Within the interior portion, there’s a filter that captures all of the particulates flying in the air. The filter becomes dirty after some time, however. Simply cleaning or replacing the filter will keep the system working at optimal levels. If you allow the filter to become clogged with debris, the system might:

  • Overheat
  • Work harder than necessary

Allow an HVAC professional to service your filter on a regular basis. The system can run for years when air can move easily through the filter.


Leaky Pipe Under Sink

Your first response to a leak under the kitchen sink may be to grab a bucket. Although this is a smart step, it cannot be your only solution to this minor problem. Professionals should replace or repair any parts in this leaky area as soon as possible. If leaks continue to occur, they can drip out of the bucket and cause these damages:

  • Saturated wood
  • Broken cabinetry

In some cases, mold starts to grow. You don’t want this major problem to occur in your home.


Constant Circuit-Breaker Trips

It might be a household joke about circuit breakers tripping every time someone blow dries their hair, but electrical issues shouldn’t be ignored. Allowing a professional to examine the circuits and verify their stability is crucial. It’s possible to have an electrical fire in a wall if minor issues aren’t dealt with in a timely manner. In some cases, you may need a new electrical panel to support a growing household. Be aware of any electrical anomalies so that you can relay this information to the right professionals.


Debris-Filled Air Conditioners

Your outdoor HVAC unit may have specific debris on and within it, such as:

  • Leaves
  • Dirt
  • Twigs

Allowing any debris to build up on this unit will reduce its efficacy to cool the home. In fact, outdoor components might break down when the debris hinders everyday operations. Keep the landscaping away from the unit, and ask a professional to clean it out before the warmer months arrive.

Hiring a trusted household contractor is critical for any property’s upkeep. Research local contractors before any problems arise. You’ll be able to interview them without any pressure to hire them right away. When you locate the best contractor for your needs, you can hire them for regular servicing that will ward off most major fixes in the future.


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