Simple Sink Installation Tips for Granite Countertops


When you are picking home renovation projects, do you think about return on investment or how you will enjoy the space? How about both? When it comes to increasing the asset value of your Louisville, KY home, improving your kitchen is rating as one of the top jobs. That said, you need to approach your remodel strategically and pay particular attention to your kitchen plumbing.

If upgrading to granite countertops is on your list, then you need to do your homework before you begin. Durable and very attractive, granite is a very popular choice for kitchen remodels. However, granite is heavy, has challenges with seams and can be hard to cut, which is why you need to create a plan before you start.


Hire the Pros

Why take on your kitchen remodel all on your own? You can enlist a designer to help with décor choices. You should also think seriously about hiring a certified plumber.

Being able to rely on properly installed plumbing will not only increase your enjoyment of your kitchen, it means that your kitchen plumbing is of high quality and is less likely to need repairs or be replaced.

Certification matters and feel free to inquire.


Make Your Measurements

Something as important as choosing your colors and finishes is being accurate with your measurements. Have you thought about your kitchen configuration?

You should set up a triangle shape from your fridge to your sink to your cooktop for ease of prep. When you’re deciding where and how to place your sink, you should be sure to measure your cabinetry for depth.

Check out the backsplash too. A lot of people don’t remember to do the backsplash, and that can be a disaster. These features can dictate your sink placement, as you need clearance for your faucets and veggie sprayers.


Picking the Right Sink

When you select your sink, think about materials, stainless steel makes for a nice contrast against the granite. Also, think about size. Remember, if you have a larger sink you’ll be giving up counter space. Does that work in the overall configuration of your kitchen?

Now, think about style. Do you want a double basin sink to help with washing dishes and food prep? Deep farmhouse sinks are popular because of sleek the lines. Do you want a seamless installation with stone up to the lip?

You spend several hours a week in your kitchen, and you spend the bulk of it at your sink for one reason or another. Make sure you design it well!


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