Save Significantly on Your Water Bill in 4 Simple Steps

What have you been saving for recently? A new car, a new wardrobe? Maybe that dream vacation you keep putting off until next year. Saving money can be a difficult job, as life never goes the smooth route.

Things always come up, leaving us with less and less in our bank accounts, and feeling less and less likely that our dream of leaving on a jet plane to some sunny island will come true.

But not all is lost on the money saving front. You can start putting dollars in that vacation jar next week, by saving significantly on your water bill. Check out these four simple steps to a wealthier 2018.


Take Your Car to a Car Wash

It seems counterproductive, I know. You have to drive to the car wash, using gas, and then pay to use the car wash, then drive home, using more gas.

But yes, taking your car to a car wash will save you dollars on your water bill, and ultimately land more in your pocket. Washing your car at home uses approximately 120 gallons of water per wash.

What a waste in comparison to a mere 40 gallons max. If you wash your car on average twice a month, you’ll be saving 240 gallons of water each month on your bill. That’s a good chunk of savings.


Check Your Home for Leaks

This is important as the average household in Louisville; KY loses anywhere from 2,000 – 20,000 gallons of water per year to leaks. This number is staggeringly high, and unavoidable if you check for plumbing system leaks often enough.

Listening for running toilets, and checking for surface water around faucets and pipes are great ways to keep on top of potential small leaks.


To do a whole home check:

  • Turn off all the water inside and outside the home
  • Make sure no one is using any water
  • Record the water meter reading
  • Wait 15 minutes and check the meter again
  • If the number jumped then you may have a leak
  • Next step would be to call a plumber and get it fixed ASAP

Use Greywater to Water Your Plants

You know all that water you waste while running the tap to brush your teeth, waiting for the shower to get hot?

Well, all that water makes up almost 50% of your water usage. Yes, I said 50%. That’s a lot.

Using Greywater to water your indoor and outdoor plants is a great way to reduce, reuse and recycle some of that wasted water. Greywater is simply gently used water from either your tub, sink or washing machine. It’s great for plants and will help lower your water bill.


Shower Instead of Taking Baths

If you frequently like a nice soak in your tub, you may be contributing to your high water bill. The average bath uses 36 gallons of water per soak. Doesn’t sound like much?

Let’s compare it to the 20 gallons used in a ten-minute shower. That’s a difference of 16 gallons per wash, which will definitely add up over time.

Start implementing these 4 simple steps in your regime and you’ll notice a significant change in your water bill and your wallet.


Here’s How:

  • Fewer service calls.
  • Fewer repairs and parts to pay for.
  • Less wasted fuel due to higher efficiency.
  •  Modern boilers have better heating controls.
  • New boilers increase your house value by 5%.

With these tips, residents of Louisville, KY can keep hundreds of dollars in their pockets every year. Try not to overlook them next time you decide to shop for your next home heating system.



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