Plumbing Horror Stories


Plumbing is a delicate aspect of the house and is often times ignored. Serious problems develop gradually and reveal themselves when least expected. People have had pipes burst on them, or toilets terribly clogged causing nightmares and embarrassment. Here are five horror stories of such incidents and how they can be avoided.


Unexpected Flood

Christina and Mike had just gotten engaged and so they decided to move in together. They found a nice two bedroom house in a good neighborhood in Nashville. The rental agency had assured them that the house was in a fantastic shape since no one had been living there for some time.

What this young couple was unaware of is that the water pipes in the toilet sewer system were old and worn out. A month into their new life, Christina came home one evening only to be welcomed by a terrible stench and a flooded home. The toilet pipes had burst open releasing a big mess all over the house.

What to do: Before settling into a new home ensure that you hire an inspector to go through the water and sewerage systems to ensure they are not broken.


Loss and Loss

When Noah’s kitchen sink begun to leak he knew he had to seek help from a plumber. However, the plumber insisted on getting paid in advance with an assurance he was going to get the job done. Noah paid with no hesitation. He wanted this problem gone. Unfortunately, the following day, the sink was still leaking and the plumber he had hired stopped picking his calls.

What to do: Make sure you get a reliable source for a plumber and ensure that the work is done before making any payments.


Embarrassing Moment

During thanksgiving Jane was nervous. She was having her in laws over. Everything needed to be perfect. However at the dinner table when everything is set, there is a loud burst sound that scares everyone. Turns out the small leak Jane said she would fix later was not that small. The pipes loosened for being used continuously, and couldn’t hold it anymore causing a big mess in the house.

What to do: Do not assume anything. Make sure your plumber conducts random check ups even when they think you may be paranoid. It is important to have a plumber you know will show up in an emergency. This website offers plumbing services round the clock.


Boiled Kids

Sandra a mother of two was relieved after her 8 and 9 year old kids begun bathing on their own. She had already trained them on how turn on the hot and cold water to regulate the heat.

One afternoon after the kids had gone to shower, Sandra heard a loud scream from the bathroom. The water heater had malfunctioned and so the water was becoming hotter and hotter as the kids bathed.

What to do: Be very careful when it comes to water and electricity. Be on the lookout and ensure you call a plumber whenever such a problem arises to avoid such horror stories.


Plumber or Thief

When Greg gave Tom a number of a plumber he had been referred to by a friend, he did not know things would turn out that bad.

Since Tom trusted his friend he allowed the plumber to work on the leakage on his basement, while he went to the grocery to get a few things. He came back thirty minutes later to find no plumber, no money and some of his wife’s jewelry gone. After they did a background check they found out that there was no record of this plumber anywhere.

What to do: Make sure you hire a person you are familiar with. Make sure they are licensed and registered. You can find a company that offers services. Check out this link for more assistance.


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