If there’s one thing that can make a mess of your drainage system, it’s a tree’s roots. While the leaves of a tree can clog gutters, it’s the tree’s roots that can decrease the efficiency of your sewer line.

If you have older trees in your yard, here are a few things you can try to avoid a major sewer line malfunction:


A Camera Inspection

Have you recently had some water backup in your basement? If so, the roots of a tree in your yard or down the street may be the culprit. Roots, with a hair-like consistency, can easily crawl into your pipes causing a massive backup. These clogs will put some major stress on your sewer line.

Lucky for you, our team of professionals has the technology to safeguard you. With our video camera technology, we can inspect your lines quickly and easily. Our professionals use these cameras to inspect and assess the situation. We’ll then provide you with the best options to solve the problem.


Using a Root-Killing Solution

At most hardware stores, you should be able to find specially formulated root killer solutions. These solutions can be flushed down your drain to kill any roots that may have found its way in. Please use these solutions as directed by the manufacturer.

Pipes that are clay, concrete or iron are the most susceptible to clogs caused by deep-rooted trees. Over time, these pipes can deteriorate, leaving space for roots to gather and cause a mess. Homes with plastic piping that has been fused together is more resilient against root intrusion.

If you are looking for a rooter professional in the Louisville area, look no further than the team at Tom Drexler Plumbing, Air & Electric. We are the Kentuckianna area’s preferred home services provider. We provide you with options and trustworthy service. If you need us to inspect your drainage system, give us a call today or schedule online now!


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