Make Indoor Air Part of Your Spring Cleaning Routine!


Spring cleaning has long been a tradition in all parts of the world. From ancient empires and religions to contemporary culture, we have always chosen spring as the time to clean out our homes.

Today, your spring cleaning may consist of dusting your furniture, emptying out that junk drawer, washing your car, cleaning out your closet, or all of the above. One thing you may not have on your spring cleaning checklist, that you should add this year, is cleaning your indoor air.

Read on to learn all about why HVAC spring cleaning is every bit as important as spring cleaning all the surfaces in your home. Take the first steps to improve your indoor air quality this spring break by keeping these things in mind.

Make Your Spring Cleaning Progress Last Longer

You may be thinking that adding HVAC spring cleaning to your already crowded to-do list is excessive and unnecessary, but did you know that cleaning up your air at the same time you clean up the rest of your house can help your cleaning more effective. How?

Well, imagine dusting all your furniture- every surface in your home, event that top shelf you can’t reach- but not removing the dust from the air. What happens next? As your HVAC system continues to blow air out, it is also blowing all that dust with it. And where does that dust land?

Right back on the furniture you just dusted. If you want to make your spring cleaning results last longer and have more time between cleanings, make sure that the air in your home is clean too. But that’s just one reason why maintaining good air quality is important.

Why is Air Quality Important?

Air quality matters for a variety of reasons. Aside from keeping your home cleaner, clean air also smells fresher than air that is full of dust or mold. That’s right; we said “dust and mold!”

Those are just a couple of the contaminants that can be flying around in the air around you. Inhaling pollutants and allergens like dust, mold, pollen, dander, and more can aggravate health conditions like asthma or allergies, as well as cause skin and eye irritation.

So how can you tell if your air quality is poor and in need of improvement? There is actually a device you can purchase for around $200 called an air quality monitor.

Don’t Forget The Importance of a Spring Tune-Up

Finally, the best way to maintain good air quality is to keep regular maintenance appointments for HVAC tune-ups. You should be having your HVAC unit inspected, cleaned, and tuned-up at least twice a year to keep it running safely.

Now that you’re in the process of cleaning your home and your air, it’s a perfect time for a tune-up as well! While regular HVAC maintenance is important for keeping your air clean, it’s not the only factor.

Remember to keep your home clean between HVAC tune-ups to reduce the amount of dust that is cycled back into your unit. If you find yourself facing a more complicated issue with your HVAC system, just call the professionals at Tom Drexler Plumbing, Air, and Electric Ltd! Get expert HVAC services from our technicians in Louisville, KY at (502) 716-5430!


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