The cold weather can be very tough on your home. As the weather starts to heat up, you’ll need to inspect your house from top to bottom so you can get it ready for summer. Careful attention to detail is a vital part of this process. When you pay attention to any minor issues that may have popped up, you will have a safer and cooler house. You’ll also help prevent many other, more costly problems from developing as a result of such measures.


Inspecting the Home’s Siding

The first thing you should do once the cold weather has abated is do a full check around the entire exterior. Walk around it during the daylight hours. Look up and then look down. Cold can make your siding warp. Look for any gaps in between the boards. Warping can be seen instantly or it may be more subtle. In any case, this problem needs to corrected as soon as you see it. You will need to replace a few feet of siding in order to prevent any further moisture from getting into your home. Any kind of moisture can damage your entire house. If you don’t have the original siding on the house, you can always get it dyed to match. Spring is the ideal time to make the necessary patches and help keep your home free from unwanted water accumulation.


Check the Air Conditioner

If you have home wall units, you’ll want to make sure they work before the temperatures start rising. Clean out the units before placing them in the windows. You may want to replace the air filters each year before you start to face the summer. Doing so will increase efficiency and reduce your energy costs. If you have central air, now is the time to double check that it’s in good shape. If you spot any immediate problems, this is the time to get them repaired.


Scrub All Exterior Structures

This is the ideal time to scrub all exterior structures in your backyard. If you have playground equipment for your kids, inspect every inch of it. A slightly cracked slide can present a huge health hazard. If you love to feed birds and have a birdbath, you’ll also want to inspect it to make sure there are no leaks. A good cleaning can also help the birds stay safe. The same goes for any other structures in the back. This is an excellent time to repaint the deck or make any minor repairs to the stairs leading up to it. Clean out your grill before that first Memorial Day barbecue.


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