A demeanor that is calm, cool, and collected often goes out the window when the promise of chilled air is not delivered in our homes. We toil all week long to provide a pleasant atmosphere for all the members of the household. The thermostat is performing its function in the detection and subsequent starting of the AC. Sometimes it starts, other times it labors to life, and on a rare occasion, it does not do anything at all. The critical decision now lies in the accurate estimation of one’s own ability to troubleshoot and possibly even repair the five most common air condition problems.


No Power

Times out of the ordinary can cause us to leap to conclusions that are complicated. Troubleshooting situations should start with the basics. Few things are more simple than a loss of power. Circuit breakers are known to pop on inside units. Blowing fuses on air conditioners outside is rarer and more of a sign that something is significantly amiss. Replacing or resetting once is acceptable. More than that requires a call to a trained air conditioning service. Special word of caution is needed. Blindly reaching inside these units is very dangerous due to the nature of capacitors.


Fan Replacement

The movement of air is essential to the process of cooling air. In outdoor units, fan failure is a common ailment. Deducing this situation can be straight forward. Jammed motion or that characteristic burnt smell from the winding indicates the replacement. As long as one is comfortable using an electrical meter and locking out power, then this could be done in an afternoon. Order the correct replacement part and use this guide to assist in the repair.


Summer on the Rocks

The only item that should have ice in the summer is our cool refreshments. One would figure that the icing of the coils would indicate optimal performance. It is unfortunately the opposite. Most common cause is a low level of refrigerant. Save yourself the headaches and possibility of using the wrong refrigerant by calling the professionals as soon as possible for this one.


Clear and Clean

Running without producing cool air is a common sign of a failing condenser. Visual inspection can confirm some of the reasons why it is struggling. We can clear the area and clean the unit. Summer storms and high wind blow in debris. Overgrowth of landscaping can be pruned back for a clear path for air. If the unit still does not produce the chill one wants, then we call in the professionals to troubleshoot this costly component.


Repeated Cycling

Clogged filters and drains are among the quick fixes that a home owner can do with an AC unit that is continually cycling. Purchasing new filters or cleaning metal ones is straight forward. Drains can also be cleaned, but if they clog back up, it is time to call in the plumber or air conditioning service person. This saves on both the life of the unit and your utility bill when the call is made.


We hope that these simple solutions can quell the panic and preserve the budget. Anything more complex should result in the immediate consultation with an HVAC professional. You work too hard to be denied the cool air you have earned for the loved ones in your home.



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