The bathroom is one of the most important rooms of the home due to the amount of use that most residents get out of the space. From bathing to styling your hair, it’s common to spend several hours in the room — it makes sense that you want it to look and feel like a comfortable, stylish space. When you want to increase the style and design of the setting, there are a few Instagram-worthy bathroom DIYs to perform.

1. Install Crates on the Walls

When you want extra storage space, it’s important to make use of vertical space on the walls. Install creates that can be mounted above the toilet or on a bare wall and are used to hold towels and candles.

Lean into a rustic theme by using crates with warm wooden tones and natural textures. For a family-friendly design, consider giving each family member their own crate to store essentials.

2. Add a Vessel Sink

Vessel sinks make a statement and are easy to install when you want to create an upscale environment that looks appealing. Large bowl sinks are available in glass, stone and metal and should complement the surrounding materials and decor in the room. You can use a smaller bowl sink in half bathrooms or powder rooms. Vessel sinks are also available in different shapes, like round or square, and they can be deep or shallow.

Never attempt to relocate your sink or install a new one without a professional plumber’s help — we’ll make sure the job gets done quickly and stress-free!

Install Visually Appealing Lighting

3. Install Visually Appealing Lighting

The right lighting can transform a normal bathroom into a relaxing retreat. Choose a light fixture and brightness that fits the rest of the space, and be mindful of which areas you highlight with more light. For example, some people make the mirror and vanity the room’s focal point, while others draw the eye to the large bathtub or sleek shower design.

Consider these lighting ideas:

  • Rope lighting: Illuminate areas underneath the cabinets and have a beautiful nightlight with carefully tucked rope lighting. The rope lighting will look professional and create an intimate and romantic setting when you’re having a bath or are using the bathroom at night. You can also use rope lighting to illuminate a mirror by mounting the strands on the back side of the mirror.
  • Dramatic lighting: Make your lighting fixture the room’s focal point by choosing a bold statement piece, like a mini chandelier or an interesting, low-hanging pendant.
  • Toe-kick lighting: Install ambient toe-kick lighting along the vanity’s baseboards or where the floor meets the cabinetry for a chic take on the classic nightlight.
  • Water-safe lighting: If your bathroom is all about relaxing bathtubs or steamy showers, take it over the top by installing soft, water-safe lighting in the bathtub or along the shower walls.
  • Dimmable lighting: Create a more versatile bathroom by installing multiple dimmable lights on separate circuits across the bathroom so you can pick and choose which areas to highlight as needed. Dimmable lights also let you choose how soft or intense the lighting is for different activities, like applying makeup or soaking after a long day.

4. Apply an Accent Wall

An accent wall can bring a large bathroom together visually or inject bold style into a smaller space with less investment. These are some of the hottest accent wall ideas on Instagram right now:

  • Marble: Make your bathroom appear luxe and regal with marble incorporated into the decor. Apply marble wallpaper on all four walls in a smaller bathroom or on an accent wall in a master bathroom for a visually appealing environment that looks high-end.
  • Reclaimed wood: A reclaimed wood wall will look rustic and have a high level of impact when used as an accent wall. Use reclaimed wood boards that will add extra texture to the space.
  • Wallpaper: Choose a fun wallpaper that tells a story about your decorating theme or personality, like an abstract print or botanical design with oversized leaves or flowers.
  • Tile: Extend your floor tile to a wall for a visually cohesive appearance that’s also easy to clean.
  • Gallery frames: Turn your bathroom accent wall into a gallery of your favorite framed art pieces, family photos or vintage frames.

5. Add Style to the Shower

While tile and backsplash make great shower additions, it’s not always the best option for your design style. Swapping your shower curtain for a more stylish version or replacing it with a glass door enclosure can be the visual element that brings the room together.

Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are an affordable way to add softness and personality to bathrooms. Play around with different curtain lengths and materials to find what fits the rest of the room. You can add more interest to shower curtains by doubling up and hanging two matching curtains on the same shower rod to open like theater curtains. If you want to stick with a neutral color, look for a plain curtain with fun textured elements, like tassels or pleating.

Glass Doors

Glass doors provide an elegant, clean alternative to frosted shower doors or curtains, and you can fit them into any color or design theme because they’re transparent. They’re an especially good fit for smaller bathrooms, as they don’t visually divide the space as harshly as a curtain and rod.

Get Creative With Hooks and Towel Bars

6. Get Creative With Hooks and Towel Bars

Hooks and towel bars are easy ways to create more space in your bathroom without installing cabinetry or shelves.

Rustic bar towels create a cozy interior setting with extra character. Use recycled packing palettes as the base for the bar towel to draw attention to the feature. For an urban-inspired room, look for bars that resemble old pipes or have metal finishes.

Visit your local antique shop or thrift store and pick out some interesting solo hooks to create a one-of-a-kind hanging station for robes and drying towels.

7. Cover or Enclose Sink Clutter

Hide distracting under-sink clutter with a sink or vanity enclosure. Sink skirts can add an extra print to the bathroom and are easy to switch out as your design preferences change. If you’re looking for a more permanent change, install an enclosed vanity with doors or shelves.

8. Play With Color and Texture

Color and texture add dimension and interest to an otherwise plain space. Design with these tips in mind:

  • Choose a color theme: Popular colors for trendy bathrooms include soft and bold greens, light neutrals, vibrant gem tones, dark teals and bright yellows. Classic all-white and monochromatic also remain timeless.
  • Use mixed materials: Incorporate various materials that fit your decorating style, such as natural and textured stone, metallic fixtures, wood ceiling beams or raw wood furniture, rattan pendant lights and natural-weave baskets.
  • Add special touches: Special touches take a standard decorating style and turn it into a one-of-a-kind expression of your space. Greenery, potted plants, mosaic tiles, statement faucets, antique knobs, antique mirror frames and stonewashed floors are all good to consider.

9. Decorate the Ceiling

Consider stenciling the ceiling of your bathroom to draw more attention upwards. Stenciling the ceiling adds height and will also create a beautiful environment that is decorated from top to bottom. The project is easy to perform on your own with a bucket of paint and should only take a few hours to complete. Apply the paint in thin layers to prevent it from dripping.

You can also apply accent wallpaper or carry the floor tiles to the ceiling for a unique twist.

Redoing Your Bathroom? Give Tom Drexler Plumbing a Call

Redoing Your Bathroom? Give Tom Drexler Plumbing a Call

You can create a custom bathroom that is specific to your taste with a few DIY projects that will make the setting look professionally designed. With the right materials used and a bit of creativity, you can feel proud to show off the setting to your guests and on Instagram.

Tom Drexler Plumbing can take the hard part off your hands with professional plumbing and bathroom remodeling services, including tub-to-shower conversions. Learn more today!


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