Labor Day weekend is just around the corner, and summer doesn’t show any signs of relenting. Most of us just want to stay cool, get some rest and relaxation in over this hard-earned weekend, and stop worrying about how much electricity we’re using to keep the house from feeling like a steam room. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to find simple, affordable ways you can start saving on electrical, water, and air conditioning costs; all you have to do is read on.



It’s not as hard as you might think to save money. The options listed below are low-cost and easy fixes that can make a big difference for your electrical bill.

  • Change your light bulbs: Replace any standard or halogen light bulbs with compact florescent light bulbs. The fluorescent bulbs produce the same amount of light and stay cooler than the standard and halogen bulbs, which the majority of their energy is given off as heat.
  • Clean up your refrigerators: Dust down your refrigerator to keep it running efficiently. Use a coil vacuum to clean up the coils in the back. Get rid of the refrigerator located in the garage or hot utility room; it spends extra energy working against the warmer temperatures.
  • Unplug your electronics: Battery chargers will still draw energy even while the device is not plugged in. Unplug your chargers while they’re not in use, or plug them into a power strip that you can turn off when you aren’t using your chargers.



We tend to waste a lot of water accidentally that could cost us later. Try out some of the options listed below to save water and money that you could spend while relaxing over Labor Day weekend instead.

  • Wash laundry with cold water: You save money every load, and laundry detergent will have the same effectiveness. Also, make sure you try to wash full loads of laundry instead of splitting loads up.
  • Change out your showerhead: Install a low-flow showerhead to lower your hot water usage, and take shorter showers.
  • Check for leaks: Leaky pipes, especially hot water pipes, can waste an enormous amount of water and cause your water bill to skyrocket. A small leak can become a big problem, so make sure to have your pipes checked by a licensed and experienced plumbing company regularly.

Air Conditioning

The biggest struggle over the hot Labor Day weekend will be to stay cool and comfortable. Listed below are a few easy ways to stay cool this weekend without emptying your wallet.

  • Adjusting the thermostat: Keep your house warmer than normal while you’re away, and don’t set your thermostat to a colder than normal temperature when you arrive back home. It will take the same amount of time to cool the house to the desired temperature. Don’t place appliances that generate heat (lamps, TVs, or gaming systems) near the thermostat.
  • Ceiling fans: Fans allow you to turn the thermostat up by 4 degrees Fahrenheit without dropping the temperature of the room. Turn off the fan when you leave the room. Use the bathroom fan to reduce heat and humidity after a bath or shower.
  • Reduce the heat: Try not to use the oven on a hot day. Instead, try grilling outside, using the microwave, or cooking on the stove.


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