How Am I Able to Save on Heating Costs During the Fall and Winter?


Want to Save on Heating Costs During Fall and Winter?

You work hard for your money which is why you want to be able to stretch it as far as possible for you and your family. When it comes to your household expenses, your heating costs can be variable, depending on how proactive you are in managing them. Here are some of our best tips on how you can save money this fall and winter season with your heating.

Run the Ceiling Fan

When trying to save money on heating, it’s a good idea to try to piggyback on other devices in your home. For instance, leave your ceiling fan running.

If you run the blades in a clockwise direction, the hot air that naturally rises will be sucked up and then disbursed back down into the room.


Leave the Curtains Open Wide

Speaking of making use of easy tools, why not leave your curtains open and use some from solar power from those rays of sunshine to raise the temperature in the room? Even if it’s cold outside, the sun is still hot.


Make Your Windows Air Tight

Check around your window seals to see if there are any cracks. Patch those up with caulk. If you see any small cracks forming in the window itself, it is a good idea to get the glass fixed before the really cold temperatures arrive. Another measure that you can take is to apply a film over top of the window.

You can either hang it directly from the window pane or place it directly over the window glass snugly. Looking for more easy tricks? Hang window treatments and draperies that rest tightly against the glass.


Reduce Heat Loss through the Chimney

It’s comforting to gather around the fireplace during the fall and winter, but if you are leaving your chimney open, you are literally opening an escape hatch for the heat to travel in large amounts back to the outside.

When you’re not using your fireplace, make sure that the damper is closed tight. Alternatively, insert a chimney pillow which will keep cold drafts at bay and push warm air back into the house.


Raise the Threshold

Fill in the gap between your exterior door and the threshold by installing an adjustable threshold. It’s easy to do and is an effective way to make that door fit snugly in the frame. It’s all about making things air tight.


Schedule Furnace Maintenance

Do everything you can to help your furnace effectively convert energy to heat. One necessary act is to get your system professionally cleaned and inspected on a regular basis. You need a clean air filter as well for the air to flow most freely and efficiently.

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