Here’s Why Toilet Etiquette is Important


How did you enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day festivities this year? Did you have a four-leaf clover kind of day, where everything went right, and every bathroom you visited throughout the day or night was clean? Or did you pick up the wrong type of clover and have the worst luck with bathrooms in the world?

Whatever happened, it’s in the past now! Focus on the future and how practicing better toilet etiquette can improve your bathroom experience from now on! We’ve written down a few examples of why it’s important to maintain good toilet etiquette. Read on to learn more!

1. It Keeps You Accountable with Toilet Cleaning

If you always have good toilet etiquette, your toilet will stay cleaner in between cleanings. That means that when bathroom day comes, you won’t have to work as hard to clean your toilet.

Make sure that you always flush the toilet after you use it. While that should go without saying we’ve all had the misfortune of walking into a public bathroom to find that the last person to use it either forgot to flush or just decided not to. It is never a pleasant surprise.

Another unpleasant surprise you may have encountered in a public bathroom is finding the floor or toilet seat wet. Ew. To make using public bathrooms less eventful for everyone, always remember to flush and clean up after yourself if you make a mess.

2. It Helps Put Off the Need for Repiping

Reason number two for practicing toilet etiquette is that is can help you avoid the need for expensive plumbing services like repiping by preventing pipe damage. What does toilet etiquette have to do with pipe damage, you ask? Well, part of good toilet etiquette is not treating your toilet as a garbage bin.

When we remember that we should only flush human waste and toilet paper down our toilet drain (and nothing else!), we prevent a toilet clog from forming in the toilet or the drain pipes that connect to it. A significant clog can cause a pipe to break, potentially requiring pipe replacement.

3. It Keeps Plumbing Emergencies at Bay

Now, we don’t expect you to always have perfect toilet etiquette. We’re all human, and sometimes we forget to put the seat back down before leaving the bathroom (looking at you, gentlemen) or we drop something into the toilet that we shouldn’t have, or we forget to flush.

These mistakes are especially common when we’re tired, or when we’ve had a little too much to drink on St. Patrick’s Day, and if we’re not careful, they can lead to a plumbing emergency. To help you remember why toilet etiquette is important in both home and public bathrooms, we’ve come up with a hashtag that you can think of every time you encounter an unfortunate public bathroom situation: #keepyouraim.

In all seriousness, we hope you’ll remember that toilet etiquette can prevent an emergency in both public and private bathrooms. Any time you come across a plumbing emergency in your home, you can contact Tom Drexler Plumbing, Air, and Electric in Louisville, KY by dialing (502) 716-5430.





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