Going Green With…Plumbing?

There are lots of things we can do in our every day loved to reduce our negative impact on the environment! Some people “go green” by not using plastic products. Others choose to grow their own gardens in or around their homes. Another way you can positively affect change in the condition of the environment is by taking a look at your plumbing!

There are a few ways that you can adjust your plumbing system to be more environmentally conscious, like insulating your pipes, using monthly Bio-Clean treatments, and replacing your toilet with a more environmentally healthy model! Read on to learn a little more about each of these hacks to go green with your plumbing!

Insulate Your Pipes

If your hot water pipes are not insulated, you could be wasting loads of energy on heat loss. Not to mention, the water’s likely not even hot by the time it reaches your faucet, and all the while your energy bill is going up and up and up! Sound familiar? Then maybe it’s time you got your pipes insulated!

Insulating your pipes can save approximately 43-kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy per person, per year! That means that in a four-person home, the simple act of insulating your hot water pipes can reduce your home’s energy consumption by almost 200 kWh each year!


Using Bio-Clean


Bio-Clean is a revolutionary, and environmentally friendly, way to clean your pipes and avoid slow or clogged drains! The secret is that Bio-Clean uses natural bacteria and enzymes to break down organic materials that can get stuck and gunk up your pipes! These materials include hair, food particles, grease, soap scum, organic waste, and paper products.

The enzyme breaks down the waste, and the bacteria eats it up! Within just a few days, your pipes are already cleaner, and you’ve found a successful alternative to harsh, harmful chemicals! Now, you might be thinking, “but what’s to stop Bio-Clean from eating through my pipes?!” The best part is that Bio-Clean has absolutely no effect on non-organic materials, like plastic pipes!

Since Bio-Clean is all natural, it won’t boil, or produce any fumes, the way chemical cleaners do! To keep your drains running smoothly, with little to no problems, treat them with Bio-Clean once a month.


Environmentally Healthy Toilets


There are a few different ways a toilet can be “environmentally healthy.” The first and probably most common, type of eco-friendly toilet is the low flow toilet, which conserves water by using less each flush.

Another kind of environmentally friendly toilet is the dual-flush toilet. This model has two settings for flushing. One that uses very little water to flush away liquid waste, and one that uses more water pressure to flush solid waste.

Finally, if you’re looking for a toilet that uses absolutely no water and helps enrich the soil in your garden or yard with a compost toilet! These are among the least common toilets, but undoubtedly have a hugely positive environmental impact!



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