Established HVAC Myths that Need Disproving


By learning more about the performance of your HVAC systems, you can counteract many of the challenges that other homeowners face. One of the leading reasons homeowners are not achieving a full return on investment in HVAC systems is the persistent myths that surround the industry. To help uncover the truth behind optimal HVAC systems performance, we’re disproving several myths in this latest post.

You Don’t Need Expertise to Change the Air Filter

Your home air filter is a surprisingly complex piece of HVAC equipment. It helps to keep your home cooling system working efficiently by protecting the system from contaminants. When it comes time to replace the filter, you might require professional guidance in order to ensure that the filter is in place effectively in your system. You might also turn to professionals to examine the system and ensure there are no other problems that might limit its capacity.


Moving the Thermostat All the Way Will Ensure Faster Temperature Changes

Your thermostat is designed to work at one speed only. This means that, no matter how often you change the temperature, it will only move at one speed to reach the required setting. You cannot “trick” the system into operating faster by setting it at a higher setting than you require. All this will do is make the room warmer than you need it to be, and waste your money in the process.


If the HVAC System Isn’t Broken Don’t Fix It

HVAC maintenance is vital in ensuring you achieve the ideal performance from the system over the long-term. You cannot simply rely on your heating and cooling units to achieve optimal performance. They need to be maintained professionally over time.

Uncovering these HVAC myths can hopefully help you achieve a full return on investment for your HVAC units. To learn more about the most common industry myths, call our Louisville, KY team today at (502) 456-5982.


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