Easy Tips to Prevent Water Damage


One thing’s for sure: the spring showers have certainly arrived! Both April and May bring some of the heaviest rainfall in the Louisville area and it’s important to know how you can prevent water damage around the home.

By no means are you ever expected to know all of the intricacies of plumbing, but we do have some basic tips to help prepare you for the heavy rains. Check out these 3 tips below to help you out this soggy spring!


The Importance of Cleaning Out the Gutters

Throughout fall and winter, your gutters are filling up and getting congested by leaves, twigs and other kinds of debris. Over time these objects can reduce and block any kind of flow your gutters once had. Eventually, these backups can lead to an overflow, causing flooding and possibly damage. Remember, the spring brings heavy rains and your gutters need to be prepared. This kind of backup could leave you with a few drips coming from your roof or a flooded basement!


Know Your Roots

When you’re planting new trees or shrubs in your yard, do you consider where the roots may end up? The next time you plan on doing some major landscaping to your yard, consider the location of water lines and your sprinkler system. Both trees and shrubs have roots that can easily spread and find their way to your outdoor plumbing. These buildups can cause some serious problems.


A Climbing Water Bill

Some of us are certainly guilty of not inspecting a water bill close enough. With close inspection of your monthly bill, you may be able to detect a leak. ‘But how,’ you may ask. If you compare your bill month to month and suddenly notice a sharp increase in price, you may potentially have running water in your home that you are not aware of. There are numerous pipes running in your home that you cannot see. With that said, if you notice a sharp increase in your water bill, give the professionals at Tom Drexler Plumbing, Air & Electric a call.

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