Don’t Let Small Leaks Turn into Burst Pipes

It’s just a little water leak, right? It’s nothing to worry about. Plus, it can’t be wasting that much water or causing any damage. It’s just a nuisance and we’ll fix it when we have some free time.

Many of us have been there before – ignoring water leaks and putting off their repair indefinitely. While it might seem harmless enough, it could actually lead to major problems.

Unfortunately, major problems could be lurking behind what appears to be the most innocuous of leaks. Today we’ll talk about some of the risks that water leaks present and how you should deal with water leaks in your home.

How Can a Tiny Water Leak Cause a Burst Pipe?

We know that many of you are probably skeptical about how a tiny leak can result in a major plumbing emergency. But, the issue here is the constant pressure that water leaks put on your pipes.

When you have a hole in your pipe, water is constantly running through it. Over time, that pressure – however small – adds up and chips away at your pipe.

The result is that the hole gradually spreads and at some point reaches a breaking point. As you might guess, that breaking point often is a burst pipe. It doesn’t happen immediately, but if a water leak is not addressed, it will gradually lead to big, sometimes even major, problems.

You’d Much Rather Deal With a Water Leak

While no one looks forward to fixing a water leak, when given the option between dealing with a burst pipe or a water leak, we’ve never come across anyone that would choose the burst pipe.

In fact, most everyone is desperate to do anything they can to avoid having a pipe burst. Not only is it a complicated repair, but it’s an issue that can lead to extensive damage to your home.

In contrast, a water leak is a relatively easy, quick and inexpensive repair. So make the obvious choice here and repair water leaks instead of burst pipes.

Play it Safe When Dealing with Plumbing Maintenance

Burst pipes or plumbing emergencies of any kind are expensive, inconvenient and stressful. Most everyone would like to avoid dealing with them as much as possible. While it’s true that all plumbing emergencies can’t be avoided, many of them can.

The best thing you can do to prevent plumbing emergencies and expensive repairs is to stay on top of your plumbing maintenance. Identifying and dealing with a water leak is one of the ways that you can stay on top of your maintenance and avoid a crisis.

If you haven’t had your pipes inspected recently, it’s a good idea to schedule an inspection as soon as possible. This will ensure that you’ve identified all leaking pipes and will enable you to promptly fix them. If you’re concerned that you have a water leak or want to schedule a pipe inspection, call Tom Drexler Plumbing, Air and Electric today at (502) 716-5430.


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