Don’t Dump It Down The Drain: Grease and Oil


Ah, yes. Cleanup after dinner. Understandably so, it can be a struggle after stuffing yourself with a great meal, but you still have to do it. When cleaning the dishes, you’ve probably dumped a little grease or oil down the drain. While trace amounts every now and again will most likely not cause any harm, dumping oil down the drain as a common practice should be avoided. Making this a common practice can build up some major problems in your pipes over time.

Some people believe that running hot water while dumping oil will prevent the it from sticking to pipes, but this is entirely untrue. Though oil goes down your pipes as a liquid, it will eventually cool and harden. This is when major problems occur.


But Can’t I Dump Grease Down the Garbage Disposal?


This is a common misconception, as some people believe that a garbage disposal contains a special mechanism to destroy grease completely. Along with your pipes being coated in grease, you will now have disposal blades coated in grease. As a result, this will make your garbage disposal’s blades less and less effective.

There are a few signs that will warn you of any impending block in your drain. This may vary from slow drainage, gurgling noises coming from the drain or a bad smell. If you are having issues taking care of the clog, it may be of use to contact the professionals at Tom Drexler Plumbing, Air & Electric to get your pipes flowing again.


Proper Grease Disposal


When cooking foods with a high grease content, such as bacon or hamburgers, allow the grease to settle and cool in the pan before trying to dispose of it. Once the grease has hardened, use a paper towel to wipe out the pan. After the pan has been wiped down, place the paper towel in the trash.

It is also common to pour the grease into a jar. After cooking, dump the grease into a can or dish to solidify. If you are using a large enough jar, you don’t have to throw it away immediately. Place a lid on the jar, set it in the fridge for future use. Once the can is full, place the can in the garbage.

These are the two most common ways to dispose of grease.


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