Does Your Home Need An Electrical Upgrade?


You could be experiencing repeated or frequent electrical issues, particularly if your home is an older model. Electrical systems are usually complicated, meaning there might be a variety of concerns to address. Upgrading your electrical system is one sure way of ensuring you never have to worry about electrical problems again, at least not for a long time. Apart from improved levels of safety and performance, there are several other reasons to upgrade your home’s electric system including:


  • To improve energy efficiency and save on power bills
  • The addition of more outlets to a room
  • To update the current voltage
  • To incorporate outdoor electrical fixtures such as speakers and security lights
  • To rewire your garage and basement
  • To update the old wiring to meet current standards or the needs of a new homeowner

You will most likely go through a stressful if not horrifying experience by the time you call an electrical technician for emergency services. As such, knowing how to tell when your home needs an electrical upgrade is of significant importance. Below are a few signs that it is time to call in the professionals and upgrade your electrical system.

Outdated electrical panels

Your home needs an electrical upgrade if you have an outdated or unsafe electrical panel. Several brands are considered unsafe or outdated due to design flaws or manufacturing defects. You are strongly advised against installing or maintaining such electrical panels due to the risk factors associated with them. You should, therefore, upgrade the electrical panel in your home if it was manufactured between 1950 and 1980 or by any of the following manufacturers.

  • Federal Pacific
  • Zinsco
  • Bulldog/Pushmatic

Unstable lighting

Your home needs an electrical upgrade if you experience shocks every time you turn an appliance on, dimming or flickering lights, or sometimes a burning odor emits from your power outlets. While such issues are more common in the older homes that have not yet been re-wired, they usually indicate faulty wiring. Because problems with electrical wiring can lead to a variety of life-threatening issues, immediate attention is always the best course of action.

Strewn cables and cords

Your home needs an electrical upgrade if you have wires running through the entire house, a typical indication of improper installation. Electricity is a sensitive and potentially dangerous resource, installation of which requires a certain degree of knowledge, experience, and expertise. In addition to increasing your energy consumption, a poorly done electrical wiring is potentially dangerous.


Considerably less power

Your home needs an electrical upgrade if the power is insufficient to ensure all of your electrical appliances function at optimal levels. You might notice that your lights dim whenever you turn on a particular appliance. It is entirely possible that the amps featured in your circuit breakers are not enough for your home’s electrical needs and as a result, you experience a power outage every time you turn on some appliances.

Inability to use appliances simultaneously

Your home needs an electrical upgrade if you cannot use some of your appliances without the power going off. Such a problem is often the result of a power shortage, which means that your power outlet is unable to handle the necessary voltage sufficiently. Apart from unplanned for wiring expenses, shortages can start a fire. Addressing this issue as soon as you can is, therefore, important.

Blown fuses and tripping circuit breakers

These two electrical components serve the same purpose, which makes them somewhat similar. Unfortunately, even though you can always flip circuit breakers back on after they trip, the same does not apply to fuses. If you constantly have to engage the services of an electrical technician for the repair or replacement of either a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse box, your home needs an electrical upgrade.


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