8 Designer Bathroom Hacks

Most people spend time in their bathroom every day, whether they’re bathing or just getting ready for the day. However, a space that lacks functionality can be difficult to use and interrupt your routine.

Improving your bathroom’s design with a few hacks will boost its useability. When you want to create a more appealing and efficient bathroom, check out these designer bathroom hacks.

1. Install a Picture Shelf

If your bathroom sink doesn’t provide counter space, it can be difficult to lay out your cosmetics and other products. Installing a picture shelf adds a ledge near the sink where you can put candles, perfume, lotions and other items you use each day. Adding more shelf space will help keep your bathroom organized and functional at all times.

2. Add an Extra Shower Rod

If you have a lot of shower products, a lack of storage space might mean a cluttered and disorganized bathroom with items lining the tub or lying around the floor. When you need more room to hang shower caps, loofas and caddies, you can install an extra shower rod inside of your shower.

The rod can hang adjacent to your first curtain or along the shower’s inside wall, providing storage wherever you need it. The rod will keep everything you need within reach and prevent clutter from accumulating on shelves or the floor.

3. Find a New Paint Color

Paint color has a significant influence on your mood and how you feel. For example, cool colors like blue, green and white are known to encourage calmness and relaxation. Painting your bathroom is a simple way to change the tone of your space and tie the room’s theme together.

Consider using one of the calming colors mentioned above to create a spa-like retreat that’s easy on the eyes. Or select one of your favorite colors for a touch of personalization!

4. Use a Ladder Shelf for Storage

Commonly used in living rooms, ladder shelves also have appeal in small bathrooms. While ladder shelving has a decorative appearance, it’s also functional. These tiered shelves are a great place to store towels, toilet paper and other bathroom necessities.

Consider adding a basket on the bottom shelf of the ladder to group like items and to keep everything organized. You can even add small decor for a personalized touch that matches your bathroom’s theme.

Hang a Bigger Mirror

5. Hang a Bigger Mirror

If you have a smaller bathroom, replacing your current mirror with a larger one can create the illusion of more space. It’s an easy way to enjoy the feeling of a larger room without the hassle of tearing down and putting up walls. A bigger reflection will make your space feel more open and modern.

6. Add Spice Racks

Spice racks aren’t just for the kitchen! If you want easy access to all of your nail polish colors, keep your bottles close by with a spice rack mounted to the wall. You can arrange your nail polish by color and place them next to polish remover and other products you need for pedicures or manicures. You’ll stay organized with everything you need for an at-home spa day within reach.

7. Install a Vanity with a Dual Sink

A vanity with a double sink can be useful for bathrooms shared between more than one person. In addition to the dual sinks, which let two people get ready at once to save everyone time, you’ll enjoy extra counter space to store your products. Hiring a plumber to install a double vanity is a great addition if you’re looking to make the most of your time and space in a shared bathroom.

8. Incorporate Multiple Lighting Options

You want your bathroom to be a comfortable place where you’ll enjoy getting ready for the day or pampering yourself to unwind. Your bathroom’s lighting will determine the tone of the room and with the right choice, you’ll make it feel like an extension of your home.

Opt for various natural light options, vanity area lighting and general overhead lights to ensure you have several options available based on your needs.

Contact Tom Drexler Plumbing for Bathroom Solutions Today

Contact Tom Drexler Plumbing for Bathroom Solutions Today

With these expert design tips, you can create a beautiful and functional environment that is transformed with new products and materials. If you’re looking for even more ideas or inspiration, talk to the bath remodeling experts at Tom Drexler Plumbing, Air & Electric.

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