Celebrate Father’s Day with These DIY Plumbing Dad Tips

We love our dads and everything they’ve done for us; really, who was always there for us when we needed some help? The countless laughs, the meaningful advice, the memorable chats, and all of the love given should really be appreciated this Father’s Day.

Besides being a personal support system, dad probably took care of some important jobs around the house as well. While many of the DIY efforts he gave were probably successful, jobs like plumbing repair were probably best left to the professionals.

If your memory is a bit hazy or you’re looking for jobs to avoid in your own home, we’ve listed some examples below.

Toilet Installation Shouldn’t Be Messed With

New plumbing requirements are going to accompany your toilet install, which means you should leave your next toilet installation to a professional.

Other requirements that can accompany an install, such as new water lines, drains, lateral connections, intakes, pipe rearrangements, and other requirements can also further complicate the matter if someone who isn’t trained took the job on.

There are lots of things that can go wrong in this area, unfortunately; let’s take a look:

  • Flooding
  • A break in the water main
  • Wrong pipe placement
  • Sewer damage
  • Broken new toilet
  • Incorrect pipe rearrangement

So, after you’ve decided a new toilet installation is required, remember to call in a professional and take dad to dinner instead.

No, Don’t Fix the Water Leak with Duct Tape

Duct tape is an excellent resource for repairing a lot of things, but not your water leak; in fact, trying to repair your water leak with duct tape will probably make the matter worse.

Take a look at some examples of what can go wrong:

  • Leaky pipes equal larger water consumption and much larger water bills
  • Leaks can lead to hazardous and unhealthy mold growth
  • Property damage due to leaky pipes

Make the right choice when it comes to your leaks and leave the duct tape out of it; call a professional instead!

Don’t Do the Drain Snaking Yourself

Of all the home DIY jobs you shouldn’t do, snake draining tops the list. It seems like a straightforward job, but don’t be fooled. Here’s why:

  • When used incorrectly, you can get injured
  • There’s the potential to damage the porcelain of your sink or toilet, reducing the lifespan of the fixture
  • At worst, you can damage your home’s piping which can lead to a whole system failure

Leave the snake draining to the experts next time you have a plug you can’t seem to repair with traditional plunger methods. You may regret not sitting this one out!

The things dad fixed and projects he completed around the household important value, but there are certain jobs, like fixing the toilet or snaking the drain, that he should walk away from.

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there; At Tom Drexler Plumbing, Air and Electric. we will always appreciate everything you’ve done and do for us, but remember to leave the plumbing jobs and repairs to the experienced professionals! Your wallet, safety, and sanity will thank you for it in the end!


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