5 Amazing bathroom remodel ideas


The bathroom is one of the most frequently-used rooms of the home and has a significant influence on the value of the property. Whether you own a new or older home, a bathroom remodel can transform the space into a value-boosting asset. When you want to create a stunning environment, there are a few amazing bathroom remodel ideas to consider incorporating into your home.


  • Install Subway Tiles

Subway tiles will create a clean and modern look in the bathroom when you want to install a neutral backsplash. This type of tile is increasing in popularity and offers a contemporary design that will complement almost any colors that are used in the space. You can also use the subway tiles in the shower to create a streamlined look that appears high-end and professionally designed.


Subway tiles also look sleek when they’re installed above dark hardwood floors for a neutral bathroom that is stunning.


  • Create an Open Shower

One of the latest trends with bathroom design is to make the room feel similar to a spa with the features that are used. Although enclosed showers were common in the last decade, more people are installing open walk-in showers. Remove the doors of the shower and create a walk-around wall to make it easy to access for bathing. You can install several shower heads to mimic the design of a luxurious spa and create a more spacious environment.


Those who want to bathe can install a freestanding tub next to the shower for a classic timeless feature. You can hire a professional from a plumbing company like Tom Drexler Plumbing to install a new plumbing system to ensure that everything functions well once it’s in use.


  • Build a Wooden Accent Wall

Create contrast in the bathroom and allow it to look both modern and rustic by building an accent wall, which can be used behind a freestanding bathtub or a vanity. According to bhg.com, this will add extra character to the room and will also fill in bare spaces that may already look awkward. Consider hanging a plant or a wreath next to the wall for added detail that breaks up the wood planks and adds extra color for more visual appeal.


  • Hide the Toilet

According to consumerreports.org, the best bathrooms are those that hide the toilet and allow it to remain discrete. The toilet can easily detract from the appeal of the bathroom and can be an eyesore when you’re remodeling, making it important to hide it behind a new half-wall that you build or on the other side of the tub. Although you may attempt to perform the plumbing yourself, you can avoid costly mistakes by hiring a company like Tom Drexler Plumbing to complete the task.


  • Install a Large Vanity

A larger vanity in the bathroom will allow the space to be more functional and can make it appear larger with a feature that can hold plenty of products. Install a new vanity that includes an attractive surface, which can include marble or concrete to create a modern environment. Avoid using a vanity that features two sinks, which can reduce the amount of countertop space that is available and is often used less with the extra water source. This will also increase the amount of storage space that is available underneath the sink to ensure that you can hide hair tools or products instead of leaving them out in the open after your bathroom is remodeled.


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