A Quick National Kitchen & Bathroom Month Guide


Did you know that October is National Kitchen and Bathroom month? A little-known fact that October is actually the most popular month for kitchen and bath renovations, most likely because summer is over and people settle back into their routines of school and work.

If you are embarking on a kitchen or bathroom remodel, here are a few pointers to keep in mind.


Shower vs. Tub

The age-old bathroom debate centers on whether you’d like a shower, a tub- or perhaps both?

One of the most common fixtures that you’ll see in bathrooms across the county is the shower-tub combination. This is an excellent choice if you’ve got young kids or if your space in the bathroom is limited. It also gives you options. You can grab a quick shower and linger in the bath- whatever suits you.

However, this particular fixture is not one-size-fits-all. This configuration can be particularly difficult for people with mobility issues. There are some other issues to consider. Showers use less money because they use less water. There are also lots of cool options in showers, like misters and rainfall shower heads. On the flipside, free standing showers can be tricky to clean and repair.

Tubs are great if you like to unwind and relax your muscles. They are also a great option if you’ve got the space. Really, it’s up to you.


What’s Trending Now in Kitchen Remodeling

In terms of color in kitchens, less is more at the moment, with muted shades and neutral palettes taking center stage.

People are favoring practical kitchens, with more space dedicated to housing electronic gadgets, chargers and small appliances that simplify their lives. They are also gravitating towards kitchen spaces that do double duty (i.e. space for entertaining, cooking and family gathering) all within the same sightline.


What’s Trending Now in Bathroom Remodeling

If you are thinking of contemporizing your bathroom, you’ll want to select fixtures and finishes that are square and feature hard lines. These sleek lines are appearing everywhere from faucets to tubs to showerheads.

Freestanding tubs are becoming major focal points in bathrooms, similar to the classic clawfoot tub, but with a modern flair. They come in all sizes and shapes now, depending on your taste.


Avoiding Trends That Won’t Last

While you should always feel free to express yourself through your home’s décor, a good rule of thumb is to stay in neutral territory when it comes to your kitchen and your bathroom. Bold colors and funky finishes might seem like a good idea at the time, but get dated quickly. You’ll have to remodel again before you know it because you’ll tire of your décor faster.

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