15% Off All Repairs and Services: As a CMP member you receive a 15% discount on all repair services we provide
for plumbing, heating, cooling and electric. Discount is anything in our upfront pricing repair guides. Does
not apply to specials or installation projects.

5% Off Installation Projects: As a plan member, you receive a 5% discount off installation projects which
includes new HVAC equipment, new sewer lines, or bath remodeling.
Priority Service: As a plan member your call receives priority over non plan members. This applies to routine and
emergency calls.

No Risk Guarantee: If after your first year of being a plan member you have not saved the cost of your plan in
discounts or utilities we will gladly reimburse your plan membership.

Double Repair Warranty: As long as you maintain a monthly plan membership, any repair you paid us to
perform on your plumbing, HVAC or electrical systems will carry two times the length of our
standard repair warranty. Must be a plan member while repair was made and have continued plan
membership until time of failure. Unless otherwise stated, the standard repair warranty is 1 year for non-plan
members, up to 2 years for plan members under the Double Repair Warranty.

Water Service Line Protection: We will repair or replace your water service line when it breaks at no charge, up
to a value of $7,000 and up to 100'. Care will be taken to minimize yard damage, however no landscaping is
included just covering the trenches. This coverage doesn't cover pre-existing conditions and only comes into
effect 60 days after plan sign up. Copies of water bills are to be provided to Tom Drexler Inc. to prove no leak
was occurring prior to plan sign ups.

Heating/Cooling Tune Up: Plan members will receive a tune up after initial sign up and semi-annually each
year. The type of the tune up will be determined by the time of year. Tom Drexler Plumbing, Air &
Electric will contact plan members to schedule the Heating/Cooling tune ups.

Plumbing and Electrical Inspections: Members qualify for one plumbing and one electrical safety inspection
each contract year. Safety inspections can be scheduled by plan members at their convenience anytime of
year they wish.

As a Carefree Maintenance Plan Member you will never pay any overtime charges no matter what time of day or
night you call.

Cancellation: If customer receives discounts from the membership and the customer cancels the membership
during the initial 6 months, those discounts will be forfeited and become due to Tom Drexler Inc.
Cancellation must be received in writing to 3718 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40218 or emailed to
office@tomdrexlerplumbing.com at least 10 days prior to the date of monthly charges, to avoid that month's

Monthly Memberships are only available through automatic withdraw via credit card or bank account.
Members consent to text messaging from Tom Drexler Inc. for the purpose of scheduling maintenance visits.