Warm Weather Has Finally Returned


Warm weather is upon us, and now is a great time to work on many different home and lawn improvement projects that may have been delayed by unpleasant weather in past months. If you’re a homeowner looking for some ideas on what to tackle next, here are some projects to consider.


1. Create a Relaxing Lawn Retreat

A well-kept lawn is both easy on the eyes and enjoyable to be in. Here are some basic tips to keep your yard looking its best:

– Prune and shape any bushes to keep them from looking shaggy and unkept.

– Add flowers or decorative plants to the front of your house, or to any areas which need some color.

– To avoid damaging your grass, keep your mower blades sharp, and set them at a high level before mowing. This will help your lawn stay lush and green.

– Rather than misting your grass with water every day, water your lawn more thoroughly but less frequently to encourage deep, healthy roots on your grass. This will help it choke out weeds and undesirable plants.

If you’ve got one, your porch is a wonderful place to relax and visit during warm weather, and it’s also a perfect area to feature seasonal decor. Maintaining your porch or deck shouldn’t require much day-to-day effort, but if you haven’t recently checked the structural integrity of your deck, now is a good time to do so. It’s also a good time to repaint or re-stain any surfaces of your porch or deck that are looking a bit worn, and update your old outdoor furniture.


2. Tidy Your Garage and Sheds

Summer is a great time to clear out any clutter and debris that may have accumulated in your garage or outdoor storage buildings during the winter months. Pull out any unneeded items, sweep out dust and dirt, and reorganize the tools, sports equipment, and other items which need to be stored outside. If you’ve got a lot to get rid of, you might even host your own garage sale!


3. Maintain Your Faucets and Gutters

Water damage isn’t something anyone wants to deal with at any time. The danger of your pipes freezing may be a thing of the past, but you’ll still want to make sure that your plumbing and gutters are working well.

Check your outdoor faucets to make sure they’re not dripping or otherwise leaking, and check in your basement or crawl space for any sign of moisture.

Look over your gutters to make sure they’re firmly attached to your house and damage-free. If there are leaves or dirt clogging them, get them cleaned so that they’ll drain properly.


4. Make Sure Your Insulation is Up-To-Date

Insulation isn’t just for cold winter months–it’ll also keep your house cooler during the summertime, saving you money on those air conditioning bills. If you haven’t recently checked your insulation levels, it’s quite possible that your attic could benefit from a few more inches.

Because insulation settles over time, it gradually loses its effectiveness and ability to block the extreme outdoor temperatures from entering your home. Adding a few inches every few years will make sure your house is much more energy-efficient


5. Replace Old Windows and Doors

If your windows or doors are drafty and ineffective at keeping cold away during the winter, then you might want to consider replacing them now. The work will be much easier when the weather isn’t frigid, and during fall months contractors are much more likely to be busy helping others prepare for cold weather.

Even if you haven’t noticed any drafts or cracks around your windows, it’s a good idea to double-check their energy rating. Cheap, standard windows don’t offer a lot of protection, and old windows offer even less. Adding new, energy efficient windows now will also help you keep the heat at bay, rather than allowing it to pour into your house.


6. Treat Your House For Pests

With the heat comes a heightened bug and reptile population, which means that you’re likely to encounter all sorts of creepy-crawly creatures. While it may not be possible to entirely eliminate all pests from your property, you can help keep them from becoming a problem by following these tips:

–  Seal any cracks or holes you may find in your walls, ceilings, or vents.

Use bug bombs, traps, and other products to eliminate any pests which may already be inside of your home.

– If you own pets, check them regularly for fleas, especially before they come inside your home. Should you find that they do have fleas, treat them promptly.

– Keep food away and in airtight containers. Sweep or vacuum any crumbs on a regular basis, and move your trash outside as soon as possible.

– Check the screens on your windows and storm doors for holes or other damage.

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