What to Check When Your Toilet Breaks


A toilet malfunction is a common thing, as it can happen at any time. If you notice that a problem has found its way to your toilet, try assessing the situation before giving our professionals a call. If you are able to identify the problem, you may not even need us! We’ve encountered plenty of problems in our years of service, but here are some of the most common malfunctions we encounter that you may be able to fix on your own.


Broken Flapper

The toilet’s flapper is the rubber stopper that sits on the bottom of the tank. Flappers can easily become victim of grime accumulation, which, over time, warps the flap. When the flapper gathers this grime or becomes warped, there is the possibility that the flapper may not seal the tank fully. This, in return, can cause a running toilet. Have no fears! Fixing a flapper is a quick and easy fix. You can find them at any hardware store.


Lift Chain

Connected to your toilet’s handle is a lever that lifts a chain connected to the flapper. If you ever find yourself with a handle that wiggles in place when you try to flush the toilet, immediately check to make sure that the chain is still connected. If your chain is too loose, you may notice a handle that wiggles. Conversely, if your chain is too taut, you run the risk of the flapper not forming a complete seal. Remember, if you have a running toilet or your toilet will not flush, check the lift chain.

If your toilet encounters any problems and you’ve checked for solutions with no avail, give us a call. We are Louisville’s most trusted plumber. Our professionals will work with you and find the solution. In addition, we’ll probably share some of our knowledge with you.



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