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Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Rising 5.0

Patricia Prichinello
Patricia Prichinello 5.0

Shawn A Carrol came to our house to service our air unit me having a special needs child and 6 dogs it was very hot on all of us and very overwhelming. Shawn came in and was so courteous and explained everything to me. Thank you Drexler and to your ...awesome technicians and always being the best. I really appreciate your outstanding company and have and always will call Drexler . Thank you thank you thank!Read More...

Jade Gooch
Jade Gooch 5.0

Chad is very insightful and helpful! Would recommend to anyone.

Emma Hutchens
Emma Hutchens 5.0

Brad was the most helpful, and solutions focused plumber I have ever had. He came up with cost-conscious ways to solve the problem of a specialized faucet and he way patient with me as I asked lots of questions. Highly recommend!!

Becky Valois
Becky Valois 5.0

Paul Kersey
Paul Kersey 5.0

You will really notice a different when brought up to code with a breaker box, wires separated and tested. We have more power too.

Mickey Heideman
Mickey Heideman 5.0

Linda Myers
Linda Myers 5.0

Lee was very polite and helpful

heather taylor
heather taylor 5.0

Robert Birt
Robert Birt 5.0

MaryJane Adams
MaryJane Adams 5.0


Katherine Gibson
Katherine Gibson 5.0

Your specialist, Josh, came out to our home ahead of schedule and did an awesome job!

Glenn Wilson
Glenn Wilson 5.0

He was very polite and explained everything well. We would recommend Nickolas K to everyone.

Kevin Mcclain
Kevin Mcclain 5.0

Amber Schroeder
Amber Schroeder 5.0

Austin Sheets gave me a call this morning at around 9 and was here by 9:30, and gone by 9:50. Tub drain was pretty clogged but he took care of it no problem and was in and out in no time. He was extremely professional. Adhered you’re current state ...regulations for masks when visiting the home and while performing his job duties. Very friendly, and our tub now drains great!Read More...

Lisa Peters
Lisa Peters 5.0

Elizabeth Knapp
Elizabeth Knapp 5.0

Nichols was terrific and very informative. Definitely would recommend.

Stephen Raso
Stephen Raso 5.0

I have used Drexler many times now. With future plans to continue to use them. Their work is quality, but their strength is in their employees. They are professional, respectful and kind people. They also go above and beyond. Doing little "extra ...things" that they are not required to do. Like giving advice on future projects or fixing something that was not even on the original order. Calvin was just an all around good guy. We ended up getting some advice from him on another issue and he is coming back next Friday to install a brand new basement sink for us. He gave us an excellent price! I plan on using Drexler for all my Electric and Plumbing needs. There is no need to go anywhere else. Thank You Calvin.Read More...

Barry Haworth
Barry Haworth 5.0

My technician Brian P did an outstanding job. He was quick, friendly and explained everything very clearly. Very strongly recommend!

M. Bindner
M. Bindner 5.0

Tim was very concerned about my issue and spent a lot of time to be certain it was resolved.

Don Schlader
Don Schlader 5.0

Technician, Chris, was very efficient. Good job!

Kevin Blackerby
Kevin Blackerby 5.0

Chris was exactly on time, courteous, and friendly, He quickly assessed and fixed the problem. He is an outstanding representative for your company.

Adam Goodwin
Adam Goodwin 5.0

Technician was very knowledgeable and told me everything he was doing as he did it. No secrets! I learned a lot and got a fair price for his services.

Melissa Bell
Melissa Bell 5.0

Chris did a great job explaining what was wrong with our water heater and why we did have hot water We are very pleased.

Steve Haifa
Steve Haifa 5.0

Sean Kroger and Tommy Hasfurder did excellent work for my father in law who lives on Belmont Road. I cant say enough good things about the quality of work they've done and continue to do! They said their department has 6 crews but if my in laws ever need ...plumbing work again,I'll only except those two gentlemen!Read More...

Carolyn Walters
Carolyn Walters 5.0

DARREN was very professional, patient and kind. We had extensive pipe replacement and he was tenacious about tracking down the reoccurring issue after the initial work was done. He went above and beyond to make sure everything was working right the ...second time around. We appreciate everything you've done Darren, Alexander, Dylan, Bo and Chris.Read More...

Jerry Britton
Jerry Britton 5.0

Did a great job!! Very knowledgeable. Coming back next week to do several projects for us!!

Alejandro Martinez
Alejandro Martinez 5.0

Steve Lucas
Steve Lucas 5.0

Cary Stryker
Cary Stryker 5.0

Jacob and his helper Kevon were very professional and knowledgeable, they both did a great job! Thank you very much guys! Highly recommend them both!

Denise Vaughn
Denise Vaughn 5.0

Josh did great..suppose to be getting back with us since our unit outside is making noise after he check with his bosd

George Allen
George Allen 5.0

Plumber was very informative and courteous.

kathie coombs
kathie coombs 4.0

The service man, Mike C, was very helpful and explained what he was doing and why.

James Caldwell
James Caldwell 5.0

My AC went out and ended up having a bunch of big issues throughout the entire unit. Not only did they check everything inside and out, they took pictures and video that they showed me and took the time to explain everything they found. Josh was my ...technician and he was very upfront and honest. Once he was done it was clear to me that I needed a new unit. He then scheduled someone to come out 30 mins later to go over all of my options. His name was Ron, and again was very upfront and honest with no pressure to buy. They included a ton of discounts and extras in the plan and numerous financing options. For reference, I had another company out before them and the guy spent 15 mins here and quoted me without even looking at the inside components. Josh could have easily slapped a bandaid on it and charge the AC but as I learned, the leak on the inside would have frozen the coils up again in no time and I would have wasted my money. The first company didn't even look at the inside. I will def use Tom Drexler from now on based on trust alone. Thank you to both Josh and Ron for being so candid and honest.Read More...

Dorothy Raso
Dorothy Raso 5.0

Very happy with the job Drexler did!! Came out and gave a free estimate! We had a new kitchen sink, faucet and disposal put in. Matt did an awesome job and gave us great advice how to keep our pipes and disposal working properly! We have Drexler coming ...out to do an electrical estimate next, if this works out as well as the plumbing job has we will be customers for life!Read More...

Service CODS
Service CODS 5.0

Excellent service from the tech. Very professional. Look forward to the work getting done.

Eric Wigginton Sr
Eric Wigginton Sr 5.0

Very knowledgeable, very nice great job!!'

William Turner
William Turner 5.0

I didn't realize that our Silver service included a free electrical inspection. Our condo is 15yrs old and so I was not concerned about the electrical - except that our old house burned down last year due to an electrical fire. So when Drexler offered ...to do a 'free' inspection, I was happy to accept. Richard was very thorough and quite knowledgeable about what he was doing. He took the time to explain everything he did and also to answer all of my questions. I am a satisfied customer. Thank you!Read More...

alorr4uz 5.0

Professional and knowledge. Anyways kind and listen to you. Great at giving you the whole picture and not just trying to get one past you. Worth having their service plan. I only dislike the all day response window, you can't schedule an appointment ...time, just the day. frustrating when you work 2nd shift, but they do really good work.Read More...

Mena Liz
Mena Liz 5.0

Thank you Clark, for the wonderful job you did for my home.

Renee Brown
Renee Brown 5.0

Jill Andres was wonderful, knowledgeable, affable, presentable. All round the best tech we’ve had

Alicia Thormahlen
Alicia Thormahlen 5.0

Cory Mollak
Cory Mollak 5.0

Gunther was on time with a 30 minute notice. He was friendly and very professional. He examined the job to be performed and walked me through each step of what needed to be done. He presented me with an estimate in which I agreed upon. He scheduled a ...first stop in the morning to complete the job. Everything was laid out and planned.Read More...

Kimberly Dahl
Kimberly Dahl 4.0

Ryan was awesome. Austin came the day prior and assessed the situation and was equally outstanding. Both gentlemen were fast, efficient, kind and thorough. Both made sure everything was in perfect working order and made sure to clean up afterwards. Only ...draw back on the situation was not being updated by customer service on the status of the plumbers. No one called to let me know when (even a ballpark) they may arrive or notified me when the previous job took longer than expected. It was frustrating to have to call the company myself to find out when to expect them, if I was even on the schedule still bc no one verified they would be out after the initial call. But the professionalism and quality work of the plumbers countered those issues. The plumbers were definitely 5 star plus, but the customer service more like 2.Read More...

Leigh B
Leigh B 5.0

Matt did a great job unclogging my shower drain. he was friendly, quick, efficient . Thank you Drexler Plumbing for always doing a great job

David Walker
David Walker 5.0

Taylor was my guy and he did a great job. He was methodical, thoughtful, and thorough. He analyzed the situation and got after it. He even made sure that he did make, or leave a mess. But the best part after he fixed my problem was the bill. I recommend ...this guy and his company to anyone. Shawn showed up wearing his C19 mask, ready to work. He explained everything he was doing to me. I had plenty of questions and he was okay answering them all. He spent a good deal of time checking and insuring that everything was working correctly before, during, and after he finished. He practiced social distancing while explaining things to me. He knows what he's talking about. I'd recommend Shawn to anyone looking for an expert HVAC person'Read More...

george jewell
george jewell 5.0

Jason Warrier
Jason Warrier 5.0

Quality friendly service. Everyone I know that has used Drexler says you can trust them. After using them, I would totally agree.

Jim Green
Jim Green 4.0

Fast, clean, and fixed our drain in 40 minutes! EDIT: Had to have Devan back out the house. He was quick and efficient, made sure to clean up afterwards. Great job!

Kim Volz
Kim Volz 5.0

Our service person Hunter was very helpful, very informative and very knowledgeable. He was very friendly and very personable

Don Porterfield
Don Porterfield 5.0

Todd Solomon
Todd Solomon 5.0

Nita Felton
Nita Felton 5.0

Mary Turner
Mary Turner 5.0

Andrew was very professional and knowledgeable. Did a great job.

kishor sapkota
kishor sapkota 5.0

Wonderful job

Dayle Lightfoot
Dayle Lightfoot 5.0

Devon always arrives with a positive attitude and willing to do what it takes to fix the problem!!!! Thanks

Sharon Baker
Sharon Baker 5.0

Matt Nipple
Matt Nipple 5.0

Tracy Evans
Tracy Evans 5.0

Fran Morabito
Fran Morabito 5.0

Mike and Tony were awesome. Very professional and cleaned as they went. Great customer service.

Debbie Harris
Debbie Harris 5.0

Karen Reynolds
Karen Reynolds 5.0

We were out of town in California when our air conditioner died. Our niece was dogsitting at our home with our four dogs Tom Drexler took care of replacing our air conditioner while we were out of state and did an exceptional job helping keep our home ...cool with stand alone units, then replaced. They were even able to get it installed earlier than expected. I can’t say enough about my experience with them. I highly recommend them for all your needs.Read More...

Daphne G
Daphne G 5.0

Profession, quick, and arrived before scheduled appointment! Glory be, we have A/C!

Kennetha Brooks
Kennetha Brooks 5.0

William Turner is the BEST!!! He provided great service. William was very detail with explaining everything that I needed and what he had to do to fix my problem. He not only inform of the problem, he provided multiple options to resolve my issue. ...Exceptional customer service all the way around. William is AMAZING! And because of him I am forever a customer! Thanks William!Read More...

ManuelFernando Medina
ManuelFernando Medina 5.0

Stephen Sh did a fantastic job. I was impressed by his professionalism, and courteous manner. I’m very happy that my sink drains perfectly again. Tom Drexler always delivers great service; it is a great value additionally. I will definitely call them ...again when I need service.Read More...

Pam Schiller
Pam Schiller 5.0

Sean with was very inquisitive I mean very knowledgeable about what he was doing. And he told me the truth about everything and I really appreciate honesty honesty is so very hard to come by nowadays thank you so so much.

andrewg136 1.0

Very professional and they did a great job, but they scammed me on price. I know someone who got a quote from Tom Drexler on a 50% bigger system and it was half the cost!!!!! Don’t buy unless you have the money to spend!!!!

Janice Litman
Janice Litman 5.0

So far so good. The job will take 3 days. Michael did a great job, finished earlier than expected and was easy to work with. Would definitely recommend!

DJ Bowers
DJ Bowers 5.0

I was burning up as was everyone else in my home. Being a regular with Tom D and having a maintenance plan they got me an appointment right away... enter Josh C. super friendly, respectful and worked quick to get the air cool again, he stuck around to ...make sure things were cooling off before he left so I knew it was done right. Thanks Josh, you are are AC hero!Read More...

James Isom
James Isom 5.0

We had an excellent repair by brad-roberts

Douglas Ryan
Douglas Ryan 4.0

I thought Kendrick was professional, polite, and prompt for the appointment. He submitted his proposal promptly. I appreciate his professionalism.

Sian Fenn
Sian Fenn 5.0

Richard B was super helpful in the initial consult going over options and prices. He didn’t try to up sell me and did the best he could to keep the price as low as possible. I look forward to getting the work completed!

Celestine Stafford
Celestine Stafford 5.0

Shawn was friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. He assessed the problem with my air condition and advised me with the best solution for me! Thanks Shawn!

Linn Ireland
Linn Ireland 5.0

Kelly Britt-Rodriguez
Kelly Britt-Rodriguez 5.0

Asked to come by to check on something concerning the install. Turned out it wasn't anything to worry about. Stayed around and answered additional questions concerning future house projects. Very patient and professional.

Teddro 502
Teddro 502 5.0

Checked all the boxes because the service was just that good and their price was by far the best. Tony P. came and removed/replaced our old water heater in about 3 hours flat. They couldn't have been more professional or courteous. Great job! Final ...price was exactly as quoted and included permits, installation, removal of old unit and starting the process for final code inspection. I've used a few other local plumbing companies and Tom Drexler has exceeded the performance and value of their competitors. I will be a repeat customer whenever I need a plumber again. *Updated 4/23/2020 for additional services* Eric M. was out to replace some dated sink hardware and he was in and out in no time. Did a great job and has cemented Tom Drexler as my go to plumber from here on out. *Updated 7/28/2020 for additional services* Nick O. came out to fix a leaky faucet and reset a toilet. I am confident that anytime a Tom Drexler plumber comes out, the job will be done right the first time. We hope we never have to call them because it means something is probably broke, but life happens and it is nice knowing we can rely on Tom Drexler to get the job done right.Read More...

Mac Reed
Mac Reed 5.0


The Tech. was very friendly and easy to communicate my need. He's welcome back anytime I need service.

Laura White
Laura White 5.0

Amazing service Nick was awesome ! Ask for Nick

Cheryl Allen
Cheryl Allen 5.0

Michael was my plumber and he came to fix my faucet in my tub, although it was a lengthy process he was able to get it fixed. Cody came to check my air unit and although it couldn't be fix, he was able to get me an appointment to get an estimate to ...replace it.Read More...

shonda coatley Barbosa
shonda coatley Barbosa 5.0

Blake and Andrew were very professional and friendly. They got the job done effeciently and expeditiously. Thank you for great service.

Barbara Summitt
Barbara Summitt 5.0

Brian Pollack was the tech that came but don't see his name on there. He was very friendly and courtesy.

Jo Ann Dove
Jo Ann Dove 5.0

Josh & Sherman came to hopefully repair our AC. However, it could not be repaired. They called to have someone come to price us a new unit. They were both very knowledgeable and explained the problem to us. Very polite and friendly. Heath came and showed ...us several options for a new unit. He also was very knowledgeable & helped us make the right decision as to what unit to purchase. We have had Tom Drexler do work for us in the past. We're very pleased with all employees we've met and very satisfied with their work. Highly recommend Tom Drexler.Read More...

William Redifer
William Redifer 5.0

Exceeded expectation. The entire system functioned well from the website appointment through transaction wrap up. Deven B. is professional, capable and friendly. Service was performed ahead of schedule and at expected price. Would do business again.

Elizabeth West
Elizabeth West 5.0

Very professional and prompt.

G Clark
G Clark 5.0

Excellent in all areas!

Jennifer Hutcherson
Jennifer Hutcherson 5.0

Would totally recommend Chad as a plumber. The job was a bit more complicated than it appeared at the beginning, but he never displayed frustration or impatience, just professionalism. He was very patient and answered all the questions my kids and I ...had. (Even the ones the kids had about star wars.) Chad had a great attitude and demeaner, and made me feel less frustrated about needing a plumber. Knowing that I will need a plumber again in the future, oh the joys of homeownership, I would request Chad again if possible.Read More...

Amanda Applegate Hess
Amanda Applegate Hess 5.0

They are always available to help. They are punctual and get the work done quickly and efficiently!

Bruce Bower
Bruce Bower 5.0

Andy went above and beyond our expectations! Truly a class act. We will use Tom Drexler everytime we need !!!

Zachary Renteria
Zachary Renteria 1.0

They replaced the capacitor in my AC unit two weeks ago, and I'm currently having to get that replacement replaced because they were sloppy with the install. New Albany Heading and Air is also charging 1/4 the price for the part. Never using Tom Drexler ...again.Read More...

Erin Goodlett
Erin Goodlett 5.0

Had a great experience! I called and they had someone out within 2 hours, it took them no time at all to diagnose the problem and fix the issue. They were both friendly and professional!

Nicolas Melendez
Nicolas Melendez 5.0

Grant Graves
Grant Graves 5.0

Jeremy did an incredible job with installation on our new tankless water heater. Extremely satisfied!

Kevin Gibson
Kevin Gibson 5.0

Laura Heiskell
Laura Heiskell 5.0

Darren is great.

Greg Harris
Greg Harris 5.0

I will always use Tom Drexler for my heating and cooling. They are always professional and polite. They are highly trained, upfront and honest with you. Most companies will try and rip you off and sell you something you do not need. Ask for Anthony ...Stewart if you need service on your heating or cooling unit. He was outstanding.Read More...

Martha Scott
Martha Scott 5.0

My husband and I had pipe break in an upstairs bathroom and water began pouring out everywhere. We called Tom Drexler immediately. This happened about 4:15 on a Friday afternoon. Nick arrived around 7:00 and had our problem solved quickly. Thank you, ...Nick!Read More...

Stephanie Olges
Stephanie Olges 5.0

Jessica Franken
Jessica Franken 1.0

DO NOT USE! Our air conditioner stopped cooling so we contacted Tom Drexler because we had used them before and they got here quickly. The first time there was nothing wrong, the switch had accidentally been turned off so he flipped the switch back on ...and we were up and running. We paid the $69 service fee because it was agreed upon prior to service and it wasn't their fault that that was all that was wrong. Fast Forward a little less than a month later our air is out again - (of course I checked the switch, because no one wants to be that dumb twice). Service technician came out and diagnosed a crack in the furnace with oil spilling creating an extremely dangerous situation and stated we could not use it as it is leaking and we could die in our sleep -- eeek!!! -- Also said we needed a whole new AC unit and gave us a quote between $8300-13,250 for their good, better, best options with an earliest possible install date of Wenesday (5 days from now). In the mean time we began pricing with a friend in the business who was unavailable today and found that should all repairs be needed cost of parts (at cost) would be a little under $2000, so that was discouraging to start. We also decided to get a 2nd and 3rd opinion to be sure before we made that type of investment. 2 more technicians confirmed that the furnace was fine and that the only thing needed was a condensor pump, cap change and capacitor. Repairs were done same day and my house is currently cooling by the second... cost for parts and labor $345. GET A SECOND OPINION!!!!! In speaking to the servicer that did repairs, he doesn't like to speak poorly on competitors but states they follow behind this company often and find if the Units are older than 7 years old they often recommend replacement and have found other things that were quoted as wrong but actually dif not require near as much work or cost to complete.Read More...

david r
david r 5.0

Excellent experience. The first major project at my house. They did everything possible not to have to tear up the drive way. To pu in a new sewage line

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