Some Bedroom Installations that Make for Easy Upgrades


It’s not uncommon for families to look for ways to ensure that their home’s bedrooms stay a little cooler than the rest of the house. This enables you to sleep in a nice, cool environment without having to overwork your HVAC unit during summer nights.

This can be well worth it to ensure that you sleep well and comfortable even during the hottest times of the year. It’s also becoming increasingly common for us to hear from customers that choose to live in small homes and are curious about options for bedroom HVAC installations or other single-room cooling systems.

Whether you want to stay extra cool at night or whether you’re in need of a creative way to keep your small home cool, there are a number of available options.

Portable Air Conditioners Make for Quick Bedroom Installations

portableairconditionersPortable air conditioners are an effective way to cool a single room, and they’re quick and easy to install. These systems work by removing hot air and moisture from the room, and all that you need to do is install an exhaust hose.

This hose can be vented through a window if you want, and most systems come with a window kit to make this installation process easy. Compared to window units, these are easier to install, and they give you the option to have access to your window.

Yet, they do use more energy, which is something to keep in mind. Nevertheless, given their ease of installation and their effectiveness in cooling a room, these are good cooling systems to consider.

Ductless HVAC Systems are Increasingly Popular

ductlesshvacsystemDuctless HVAC systems only require a mounted wall unit and an outdoor compressor, making them a popular cooling option, especially for people in small homes.

While these units are more costly than other options, they are incredibly efficient and provide consistent climate control.

They do have filters that must be cleaned every month, but if you don’t mind the upfront cost and a little monthly maintenance, these can be a great solution. Plus, you can feel good about the fact that you’re being energy efficient and saving money on your electrical bills.

The Versatility of Smart Thermostats

smartthermostatsIf you’re only looking for ways to keep your bedroom cool, a smart thermostat might save you the effort and expense of installing an additional unit. There are now models of smart thermostats that allow you to control the temperature of each room in your home.

The ability to set each room to a specific temperature and to set the times for various temperatures means that you can enjoy the luxury of sleeping in a cold bedroom without worrying about wasting a lot of energy or overworking your HVAC unit.

For more and more people, these provide efficient cooling systems and enable them to maximize the use of their current HVAC unit. If you have any questions about air conditioning options or are in need of an installation, call us today at (502) 716-5430.

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