How to Have an Automated Shower in Just a Few Steps


There is no doubt about it: smart appliances are the hot new trend! Upon walking into any electronics or hardware store, you will be bombarded with smart thermostats, smart refrigerators, smart TVs, and smart plumbing. Before you choose to purchase any of these items, take some time for research.

My best friend opted to buy a few smart products without much research and quickly found out that some don’t work with her home plumbing. Luckily she was able to return what she bought and wait until she was able to speak with a professional. Don’t make the same mistake she did–instead, take a minute to learn about your options!

Finding a ‘Smart’ Home

smarthomeIf you’re looking to purchase a ‘smart’ home, you can stop right there. A smart home isn’t necessarily defined as the building, but more as the appliances within.

Smart homes are designed so multiple appliances work together to conserve energy and make the homeowner’s life easier.

Aside from motion-detecting lights, and thermostats that adjust according to your schedule, there are actually multiple smart plumbing options on the market. These will help round out a smart home for the complete package.

Digital Showers: What to Consider


Digital showers are one of the hottest items on the market for new homes as well as renovations! There are all sorts of benefits to installing this type of fixture, but overall, it will make your bathroom feel like a spa.

Depending on which model of digital shower you choose, you can program the temperature and water pressure to your liking. In addition, you may also be able to have the device programmed to adjust the level of heat throughout your shower.

What this may look like is having a perfectly hot shower to start, but toward the end of it, the water may cool. This may signify that it’s time to get out and start your day or simply to help tighten pores and cuticles. Unfortunately, because digital showers are still relatively new, they are still pretty expensive. Aside from the expense, new technology almost always has a few kinks. For a digital shower, these kinks may include unresponsive touchpads or corrosion around certain areas.

Showerheads Won’t Break The Bank


If you would love to upgrade your bathroom plumbing but don’t want to commit to a digital shower, consider installing a new showerhead. There are numerous options available and can make your bathroom feel quite spa-like. A few examples of showerheads that might be perfect for your home may include:

  • – Rainfall heads
  • – Body sprayers
  • – Handheld systems
  • – Bluetooth-enabled

In addition to these, you may be interested in a showerhead that comes equipped with a water purification system.

Call Tom Drexler Plumbing for All Your Smart Plumbing Needs!

If you’re ready to upgrade your bathroom either with a digital shower, new showerhead, or even automatic faucets–do your research–then call Tom Drexler Plumbing! We are a full-service plumbing, heating, cooling, and electric company that trains technicians on the latest technology available.

Our goal is always to educate and offer the best possible solutions for your family, home, and budget. Hopefully, you’ve learned a thing or two about smart home technology; if you have, take a minute to share this blog with your friends and family!

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