Easy Ways to Improve Your Plumbing


You may not even give your plumbing a second thought – that is until is it isn’t working. When you experience a clog or something more serious like a plumbing emergency, you become aware very quickly of what’s at stake if your plumbing system isn’t working.

The good news is there are many practices you can adopt to ensure that your plumbing works well and is reliable. Preventative maintenance can lessen the likelihood that your plumbing will leak or be blocked. Here is what you need to know.

Get Your Drains Clean

cleandrainsWant good water flow? Start by making sure that your drains are clean and clear. Checking on this area is a good idea in your kitchen, where food matter, grease, and other items routinely fall down the drains.

A professional drain cleaning will get that debris out of the way before it can form clogs. It will also help to make your home more sanitary.

On top of professional cleaning, you can freshen drains yourself with a combination of vinegar and baking soda. When you put these in the pipes, they foam up and deodorize. Flush with hot water.


Hair Blockers Are Useful

Keep your hair out of your plumbing because it will cause clogs that are hard to remove. Really, all you have to do is fit your drains with hair blockers, which will gather all the hair before it has a chance to fall into the plumbing system.

These are inexpensive and work really well.

Adjust Your Water Pressure as Needed


If your water pressure is excessively high, you are causing damage to your pipes. Yes, high water pressure is handy when you are cooking and bathing, but that extra force is battering your plumbing.

Eventually, the plumbing will get weak and break, causing plumbing leaks. If your water pressure exceeds 80 psi, bring it down to the 45-65 psi range, which is much safer.

Follow the Local Code

localrequirementsProbably the most critical step before you even start your DIY plumbing job is ensuring that the work that you are doing is to code in Louisville, KY. Quality standards are in place to protect you and your home.

You need the right permits, inspections, and approvals. Don’t skip this step or else you may find yourself with fines or with plumbing that doesn’t work properly because of an error in the process.
Want to have great plumbing and save money? Think about installing eco-friendly plumbing fixtures.

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