Most Common Plumbing Emergency Calls

Plumbing Emergency

When do you call a plumber? There are times when one can think about whether a problem can be solved DIY. Depending on your skill level this can be a gamble. If you have a leaky faucet, that is one thing, but a pipe bursting in the middle of the night is quite another.

Then some scenarios fall in between that, depending on your experience level, could have you heading to the garage for your tools. Here are some of the most common plumbing problems and a little on what to expect:

Overflowing Toilet

Overflowing ToiletAs plumbing problems go, this is probably the most often and most annoying. If you have a toddler with a curious nature, then doubly so.

What goes down your toilet may have intentions of staying, causing you overflowing frustration. Should this happen when you are present, remember that cool heads will prevail. Just be quick to shut off the valve behind the toilet.

Tense up as the water level approaches the rim, and then a deep sigh as it stops just before it spills over. However, if this happens when you aren’t there to save the day, then you will need a few things.

First, shut off the water behind the toilet. Next get a mop and bucket to sop up the water before it does any damage or worse, leak through the floor to another level. Then get your plunger. After several repeats of this process and the toilet is still not flushing properly, something may be lodged in there good, and it may be time to call a plumber.

Blocked Drains

Blocked DrainsSinks and bathtubs can be prone to clogging. Whether it is due to food or debris, the problem remains the same. The DIY approach is simple enough.

Try a plunger along with some commercial drain de-cloggers from your local store. After a few attempts, it will be clear whether your efforts are working or not.

If it’s the latter, call your local plumber. They will have special tools to clear the drain quickly.

When Pipes Burst

Burst PipeIn Reading, PA, winters can take their toll on older pipes in your home. If a pipe bursts, it could mean thousands of dollars in damages.

As emergencies go, this is one where you call a plumber right away without question. The more water that spills into the house, the more damage your home will suffer.

If this happens, know where your main water valve is and get to it quickly. That will stop the flow at least long enough for a plumber to arrive. The best you can do to prevent emergencies like this is to have a plumber do a spot inspection.

They may not be able to get into every potential place a pipe can burst, but the usual suspects may indicate whether you may need work done or not. Also, remember to talk to family members in your home about what to do if a pipe bursts and you are away. Keep a plumber number handy and in a place where everyone knows where to find it.

Leaked Fixtures

Leaking FixturesA drip in the night from the bathroom connected to your bedroom is causing you to lose sleep. This is before you get your water bill even. If you pull out the toolbox, you could give fixing it a go.

However, a leaky faucet may sound like a small issue, but it can turn out to be a slippery slope depending on several factors like ease of disassembly and the extent of the damage to the hardware itself.

If the washer has become unseated and needs replacing, you might be alright. Then there is the possibility of corrosion. If you are unsure of the situation, call your plumber. They will have the tools to handle most types of faucets and fixtures. You may be saving yourself from a lot of frustration.

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