Are Boilers More Efficient? Find Out For Sure by Reading Our 6 Facts Guide

Boiler Facts

Furnaces are usually the first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they think of household heating. But boilers have a great reputation for being efficient, easy to use, and reliable. Check out these six facts about boilers that may have you forgetting about furnaces altogether.

Boiler QuestionDoes a Boiler Actually Boil?

Once upon a time, this was true, yet not with the boilers of today.

Newer boilers use mostly natural gas to heat the water, instead of boiling the water to make steam, which is how it used to be done in the past.

Boilers – How Do They Work?

Working BoilerA boiler provides radiant heating, using a hydronic heating system.

This system heats water, then circulates that water through a series of pipes.

The heat from the water is then released through radiators, baseboards, or radiant tubing.



Water Isn’t Going to Make Your Room Humid

Boiler systems do not remove or add humidity in the home. Older types of boilers, called cast iron boilers, pull indoor air for combustion.

This method dries out the indoor air rather than make it more humid. New types of boilers, and most of the ones installed today, draw air from outside for combustion, which will not at all affect indoor air quality.

Efficiency at an All TIme High With New Boilers

Energy Efficient BoilerIf you love saving money, and the environment, you’ll also love hearing that new boilers are extremely energy efficient.

New, high-quality boilers are 98% more efficient than their predecessors. This means that 98% of the fuel made is turned into heat in your home.

Those are pretty amazing numbers that can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

Water PressureDon’t Let Water Pressure Get Too Low or Too High

Boiler pressure is a very important thing to take note of. Average pressure should sit between 1.0 bar and 2.0-2.5 bar on your pressure gauge.

If it drops below 1.0 bar, then it’s time to re-pressurize it. If it gets above 3.0 bar, you will hear water coming out of the pressure relief valve.

To drop the pressure, you can either bleed the radiator, or drain water using a drain point, typically found under a radiator.

A New Boiler Will Save You Money

Who doesn’t like saving money? I don’t think there’s anyone out there who would raise their hand. Purchasing a new boiler can save you hundreds on your heating costs every year.

Save MoneyHere’s How:

– Fewer service calls.

– Fewer repairs and parts to pay for.

– Less wasted fuel due to higher efficiency.

– Modern boilers have better heating controls.

– New boilers increase your house value by 5%.

With these tips, residents of Louisville, KY can keep hundreds of dollars in their pockets every year. Try not to overlook them next time you decide to shop for your next home heating system.

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