5 Signs You Need to Get Your Pipes Cleaned

Faulty plumbing systems result in water damage affecting the framework of your house. Therefore, regular preventive maintenance can help to keep the problem at bay. But how do you know your drainage system needs a clean-up? Here are signs you need to clean your pipes.

Water Seepage from Pipes inside the House

A sign of water coming up inside the house is a pointer that your drain has issues. Example, if you flush the toilet and water ends up in the tub, it means the drainage branch may be having obstructions. Therefore, the waste water makes its way in the open drain closer to the waste pipe.

Water Coming Up From Exterior Pipes

Most town homes and apartments have the drainage line on the exterior walls. Usually, a clean out lies along the drainage line. The purpose of the clean out is:

  • To discharge blocked waste out of the pipes before leakage occurs inside the house.
  • The access point also makes it easy to clean the pipes if you notice water marks on your external walls.

If you see water leaking from the access point, it means the main line could be having a stoppage or your septic system is full. This warrants a collective clean-up of your waste pipes. With the help of plumbing professionals, you will manage to clean up the pipes from the outside of the house. It would be more practical and quicker than removing your WC to access the drains.

Bubbling Sounds from the Pipes

When your drains have an obstructive material, water is forced to pass through small spaces. That leads to gurgling or bubbling sounds in the drain. For example, you may notice the toilet bubbling up after flushing accompanied by gurgling sounds as waste moves down the drain. If you don’t remove the obstacle in due time, you may end up with a complete stopped-up drain. Therefore, it is important to solve the problem as soon as you notice to save you time and money you would spend on higher maintenance.

Slow Draining Of Pipes

The slow movement of waste water is a clear indication of faults in the pipes. These faults include:

  • Blocked pipes as a result of clogged solid matter.
  • The alignment of the drainage pipes is defective.

Some people ignore the signs simply because at the end of the day the water flows and use the excuse that it has always been that way. If you assume the problem, the pipes clog resulting in a complete blocked drainage line. Maintenance will push the blocked waste and clear the walls of the drains for smooth flow. You will notice a difference if water does not stand still while taking a shower.

Unpleasant Odor from Pipes

When the pipes are clogged, waste build up and after some time produce sewer gas. Most fixtures have traps that hold water to prevent dirty air from coming up the pipes. If the unpleasant material fills the traps, you are likely to get the smell. You can notice the smell from your kitchen sink, toilet or the shower drain.

To maintain a clean drainage line, perform a regular inspection to check for signs. Maintenance will help to solve the problems early before extensive damage occurs. Also, if a sewerage problem is beyond your understanding, contact a Tom Drexler Plumbing, Air & Electric to prevent damage to your drainage system.


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