9 Instagram-Worthy Bathroom DIYs

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms of the home due to the amount of use that most residents get out of the space. From bathing to styling your hair, it’s common to spend several hours in the room. When you want to increase the style and design of the setting, there are a few Instagram-worthy bathroom DIYs to perform.

Install Crates on the Walls

When you want extra storage space, it’s important to make use of vertical space on the walls. Install creates that can be mounted above the toilet or on a bare wall and are used to hold towels and candles.

Add a Vessel Sink

Vessel sinks make a statement and are easy to install when you want to create an upscale environment that looks appealing. Large bowl sinks are available in glass, stone, and metal and should complement the surrounding materials and decor in the room. You can use a smaller bowl sink in half bathrooms or powder rooms, according to diynetwork.com. If you move the sink, you’ll need to hire a professional plumber to move the pipes.

Install Rope Lighting

Illuminate areas underneath the cabinets and have a beautiful nightlight with rope lighting that is tucked up. The rope lighting will look professional and will create an intimate and romantic setting when you’re having a bath or are using the bathroom at night.

Apply Marble Wallpaper

 Make your bathroom appear luxe and regal with marble that is incorporated into the decor. Apply marble wallpaper on all four walls of a smaller bathroom or on an accent wall in a master bathroom to create a visually appealing environment that looks high-end.

Embellish a Shower Curtain

 According to hgtv.com, add extra detail in the bathroom by adding extra embellishment to a shower curtain. Consider adding ribbon and fabric glue to create stripes or a pattern. Fabric with pom pom details or tassels can also be added to the bottom of the curtain.

Make Rustic Bar Towels

Rustic bar towels will create a cozy interior setting that has extra character. Use recycled packing palettes as the base for the bar towel to draw attention to the feature.

Add a Sink Skirt

Sink skirts can add an extra print to the bathroom and will hide clutter that is present with toiletries or cleaning products that are stored in the space. Skirts that are used on the sink are easy to sew. Choose an ikat or a Suzani print to make the room look modern.

Add a Reclaimed Wood Wall

A reclaimed wood wall will look rustic and will have a high level of impact when used on an accent wall. Use reclaimed wood boards that will add extra texture to the space.

Decorate the Ceiling

Consider stenciling the ceiling of your bathroom to draw more attention upwards. Stenciling the ceiling adds height and will also create a beautiful environment that is decorated from top to bottom. The project is easy to perform on your own with a bucket of paint and should only take a few hours to complete. Apply the paint in thin layers to prevent it from dripping.

You can create a custom bathroom that is specific to your taste with a few DIY projects that will make the setting look professionally designed. With the right materials used and a bit of creativity, you can feel proud to show off the setting to your guests and on Instagram.

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