5 Summer Energy Saver Tips

Summer is hot, and there’s no getting around it. Temperatures in many parts of the country hover somewhere around unbearable and pure torture, and it leaves everyone sweating outside and seeking relief in your air-conditioned homes. It also means homeowners see a significant spike in the cost of your utility bills, and that leaves homeowners wondering if you should sacrifice your comfort for your pocketbook. It’s a tough decision this time of year, which is why you’ll be pleased to know there are several ways you can save some energy without spending a fortune.

Embrace Cooking Outside

One of the fastest ways to heat up the house and waste energy is cooking inside during the summer. The oven and stove heat up the kitchen significantly, and you might find yourself sweating and lowering the thermostat. Forgo indoor cooking and embrace cooking dinner on the grill while the sun is setting and the temperature is a little more bearable.

Another great idea to stop wasting money with your appliances is to use the great outdoors to help with laundry. Hang your clothes outside to dry during the summer. The air is fresh, and it keeps your home cooler and your energy costs to a minimum.

Be Consistent With Your Thermostat

No one knows what will make you comfortable but you, but you also need to pick a temperature and stick with it. Your air conditioner uses a lot of energy to meet your ever-changing demands throughout the day. This means switching the air to 75 in the morning and at night and cranking it down to 71 all day is only making it work harder. The harder it works the more energy it uses. Pick one temperature and leave it alone.

Check the Windows and Doors

A lot of energy is wasted when your seals are improperly put together, broken, or just old. If you want to save money on energy this summer, it’s time to check that all your caulk and weather stripping are in proper condition. If they’re not, they could be allowing ample heat to enter the house while precious air escapes. If anything is improperly sealed, it’s time to fix that now and see just how much energy you save.

Use Fans

Ceiling fans are some of the most helpful and under-utilized tools in keeping homes cool during the summer. The fans take the cool air and recirculate it into the house to help keep you cool and comfortable. If you’re not using your fans at night and during the day, you’re wasting energy. It’s especially helpful to keep them on at night to keep cool air flowing all the time. This allows you to turn your air up and still feel as cool as you did when it was down.

Maintain Your HVAC System

The biggest mistake you can make is running your HVAC without checking it regularly for issues. Yearly maintenance can keep it running smoothly, which translates into less wasted energy. Small issues are easily located, fixed without fanfare, and things work more efficiently. Ignoring basic maintenance is a problem because it allows your system to become damaged, to work less efficiently, and to break down faster over time.

There are dozens of things you can do to stop wasting energy at home all summer, including removing your lamps and televisions from near your thermostat to reduce the heat it senses and investing in a smart thermostat. These get to know your habits and schedules, and they work to adjust to your preferences to save you as much energy as possible while maintaining the same level of comfort you prefer.

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