2 Questions You Must Ask Before Getting a Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom might be more important to homeowners than many people realize. Many go in there to relax after a long day in a luxuriously long evening bath. It is a place of solace and privacy. It is a private vacation in the midst of all of the chaos that engulfs one’s daily life. For that reason, homeowners are usually willing to invest their time and resources into bathroom renovations. But before you begin that process, there are a few questions that you will have to ask yourself.

How Much Downtime Will There Be?

If you are thinking of installing a new bath or an energy-efficient toilet, you will have to ask whether other arrangements can be made for the daily needs. In a large family, the household might not be able to function for long with only one bathroom. Teenagers take long showers. Everybody has a morning routine. Other arrangements will have to be made during the downtime.

For that reason, many people opt for one day bathroom renovations. These renovations can include converting a tub into a shower, mold resistance, and a lifetime warranty. While a family might not be able to function for an entire week without that critical second bathroom, it might be okay for a single day. Another benefit of the day renovation is that it will be cheaper than conventional bathroom remodeling.

If you need renovations that exceed the day model, then you will need to do some calculating. You will have to assess the number of people in the household and the amount of time that they spend in the bathroom at critical times (like mornings) to discern whether it is feasible.

Do I Want To Go Green?

Many homeowners are concerned about current events and what is going on in the world. They want to know how they can preserve the earth’s resources. If that is a cause that you are committed to, then an energy-efficient bathroom model could be the choice for you. Many showers, sinks and toilets are designed specifically to conserve water. There are showers that will alert you if you have used too much water while bathing.

Going green will also have financial benefits to your household. You might find that your monthly energy bills are a little less expensive than they used to be. In that way, the expense of purchasing energy-efficient renovations would actually pay for itself in the following months. In fact, there are even some state incentives for families who go green.

On the other hand, going green can be a bit of an adjustment for many people. As indicated, you will need to take shorter showers. If you are accustomed to long, luxurious showers, this could be a challenge. Whittling down your water consumption in the bathroom to the bare minimum would mean that you are surrendering one of your amenities for a cause and to save money. Many people are not willing to go that far.

Of course, there are some energy-efficient options that would have very little impact on you. Some toilets have two different flush options. The primary one would be energy-efficient. Most people probably would not consider a powerful flush a luxury.

Overall, going green would be a major decision and it should not be made hastily. But if you are considering bathroom renovations, this is a question that you should confront. If it is a cause that you feel strongly about and you can handle the sacrifices, then energy-efficiency might be for you.

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